by ddouville 14 May 2012


Can you give me advice on a "shaver" to help remove errors? I am working on placemats & one design must be removed. I have spent 4 hours already with seam ripper, tweezers & tiny scissors, I know there is a faster way. tia. debbie


by joann7657 14 May 2012


by lbrow 14 May 2012

the key to removing designs is to clip the bobbin threads not the face of the embroidery. Usually if you can get started on the bobbin threads clipping them releases the top threadsw and you can get everything out in time. I have never used a shaver./Lillian

by marcellelewis 14 May 2012

The Wahl trimmer is almost the exact same as the Peggy's Stitch Eraser. Jrob posted links below for you. The Wahl will probably be cheaper.


by jrob Moderator 14 May 2012

You must be referring to Peggy's Stitch Eraser. I think some folks also use a Wahl neck trimmer.
I don't use either one, just remember having this conversation before. ;)

by bevinoz 14 May 2012

I have found a disposable razor, carefully applied to the back of the design, is quite successful. It removes the bobbin thread and the top thread then rubs loose. I have found this works well without as much danger of cutting the material. Takes time on dense designs, basically removing a layer at a time. Good luck, Bev.

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ddouville by ddouville 14 May 2012

thank you so much, I think I'll start with the disposable & see how it works. Of course the best solution is not to screw up in the first place! You have been so helpful. Debbie