by raseitz 14 May 2012

I need recommendations for a cone stand. I took the wonderful suggestion a fellow cutie gave me and purchase thread from brothermall. My dilemna is that the thread is on what 5000m cones and the spindle for my machine is about .25" too short to hold them. I like the savings factor I get from buying the 5000m cones, but they just don't fit. Does anyone have any recommendations for a cone stand that would attach to my desk?

Thanks in advance for any help :)


by berny 15 May 2012

I love this site,some great ideas,

by justonlyme 15 May 2012

Connecting Threads is having a very good sale on their thread stands. I have one and love it. I have the plain one, but there are also a few decorative versions as well. Mine is absolutely perfect for cone threads of ALL sizes. I've used it from the mini cones all the way to the giant industrial sizes cones that I picked up at surplus stores. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my thread stand. And for less than $12, you can own one too...while the sale lasts.
Also, there is a hole in the thread stand for a screw, should you choose to screw it in to place. But the metal base is nice, so that it doesn't need any additional attachment. Good luck!!!

by ethan 15 May 2012


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berny by berny 15 May 2012

great idea,wish I had a handy man

by pldc 14 May 2012

this is what I use the cute little bug is a garden stake, my dh attached a pc of wood to the bottom & I use a pencil holder from the dollar store for small thread & a pickle jar for the large ones! Total cost $3.00 & how cute is this? I have been using a pickle jar for over 30 yrs!My dh bought me one of those thread stands & there junk! I gave it away

by noah 14 May 2012

This is what i use and i got 4 of these babies hugs carolyn

pldc by pldc 14 May 2012

where did you find these?

kttyhwk4 by kttyhwk4 14 May 2012

If they carry them at your fabric store you can find them on line in don't know the page number but I bought mine there several years ago.

kitty2011 by kitty2011 15 May 2012

Carolyn... this is the one I have, that I was trying to describe.. lol they're great aren't they.

by kitty2011 14 May 2012

Wow.... some really clever ideas here, sewers are so inventive.
I bought my thread stand from our local spotlight store as it was so cheap ($2.99)., these work very well.
Basically it's a plastic disc with a metal prong to sit the cone/spool on and has a tall straight metal prong (on the side of the disc) that hooks at the top to feed the thread through.
Very simple (and can pull apart to pack away if necessary)

by marcellelewis 14 May 2012

I have a 10 spool thread stand that is great. I let it sit to the right of the machine and it works perfectly. I can put all the colors for a design on it at the start and they are all there ready to thread when needed. Mine came from a Brother dealer but I found one at AllBrands. Here is the link in case the ad link feature doesn't work.


by rsehorse 14 May 2012

Until you find what you are really looking for.... Slide a plastic straw over the spindle on your machine. Then put your large spool over the straw. Sounds silly but it really does work! Give it a try, Susan

by capoodle 14 May 2012

I found a wire paper towel hanger and it works great for the extra large spools.

by justsew 14 May 2012

I had a big problem with my big cones of silky rayon, it slid down to the bottom of the cone and got stuck underneth. This is my home made bobbin stand, I made it from my Mums vase filled with pebbles, and a mettle kebeb skewers,bent to the shape I wanted and inserted in the may laugh but it works perfect every time and reminds me of my Mum.
Hugs Pam.

by sewdoctor 14 May 2012

I too use the "spindles" from the CDs...but you can also take apart a throw away pen (a bic?) remove the bottom and the ink (I use one that hasn't any ink left in it) If you grasp the ink end with a pair of pliers you can pull it straight out....It will then fit over your machine spindle extending it. I many times use "serger" thread in my regular machine for sewing..much better thread for less money!

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rsehorse by rsehorse 14 May 2012

Oh this is a good idea! sounds like it would be stronger than my straw idea.

by ethan 14 May 2012

This thread stand was make with a lazy Susie and other bits and pieces.

by eastwitch2 14 May 2012

Here is a couple of Videos that show how the Universal Thread Stand works.
these are on the Superior Threads website that also sell the Universal thread stand.

by eastwitch2 14 May 2012

Here is a great Thread Stand that works for both the large 5000m cones and also mini cones and spool of thread.
the Universal Thread stand.
I have 2 of them and use these for my large cones.

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eastwitch2 by eastwitch2 14 May 2012

I should add that the link above is the website of the actual person that invented the Universal thread stand and also sells it on the website.
I bought mine on this website and had very good service!

by grandmamek 14 May 2012

before I purchased my thread stands, I used to use a pitcher (like you get when you are in hospital). It worked out very nicely for the large cones. Hugs, Mary

by linda8450 14 May 2012

I find that the really large cones will sit on the table behind the machine, it is just the problem of getting the thread "UP" to the top so it can feed. I found a cup/mug tree at the Goodwill store and use that for my smaller sewing machine. I have the rack for the Viking Diamond so no worries there. Even a block of wood with a spike in it to hold the spool, with a wire coathanger fashioned in to a hook will work. Linda

by jerrib 14 May 2012

Do you buy CD's or DVD's in a stack? If so use the stand with the spindle for your threads. If you find it to lightweight then maybe make a wooden base and screw it to the wooden base. I just googled Cone Thread stand. Also most fabric stores that sells notions carry them.

jerrib by jerrib 14 May 2012
Hope this works for you, if not then try and google
Angie Padilla

sewfrenzie by sewfrenzie 14 May 2012

Jerrib, what a wonderful idea! I always wondered if there was a ise for those darn things, lol!

blueeyedblonde by blueeyedblonde 14 May 2012

love this idea! I have a couple and never thought of this use!

fabricfairy by fabricfairy 14 May 2012

very clever idea ,shall use this .thankyou