by hefoltis 16 May 2008

Where can I find out how the "flower" system works?


by shirlener88 17 May 2008

Helene, always asked by everyone at one time or the other. Hehehe! I hope you understand more now than before. Here is another flower for you, too!

by nglover1 16 May 2008

Welcome hefoltis. I think you have gotten your answer, So glad you are here.
A flower for you.

by marymoore 16 May 2008

answered *4u

by lbrow 16 May 2008

well hefoltis now U know & a *4U

by shirleysisson 16 May 2008

Welcome hefoltis. Here is another *4U.

by mops Moderator 16 May 2008

I just gave a short answer to the same question asked by barbaramiklaucic. So have a look there, please. Flower for you.

by sueffb1 16 May 2008

Everyone Loves to give and receive flowers!! I just turned everyone in this area from orange to gray. So welcome and *4U and all. sue

by pafhen 16 May 2008

To really know how they "really" work, I don't have a clue. I just give them away and watch them all grow. Flowers for you all.

by jayemcee46 16 May 2008

here's another - it's early summer here in the Uk and our summer flowers are already making a good show

by claudenicolas 16 May 2008

Welcome to you, you have already 265* and now one more

by clawton 16 May 2008

A warn welcome. As you can tell we love it here. Lot's of good friends, information and designs.

by wendymay60 16 May 2008

Welcome to Cute's Q & A. you have your answer & I've just clicked on your orange flower and it is now grey. Mine is grey as I can't give myself a flower.

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meganne by meganne 16 May 2008

I'll give you a flower Wendy. Hugs, Meg

by silver 16 May 2008

Hmmmmmm ...well ask/answer questions get flowers...answer/ask questions give It is just a way to show kindness, gratitude and friendship to others here. If you want to say 'thank you', 'I agree!', 'I like you','Feel better', 'Good job!' or 'Thanks for replying!' etc. just click on the little orange flower beside a person's post and....... Voile! Give them a cyberspace 'warm fuzzy'!
The number on the right side reflects those flowers you have received or have gotten just for dropping in here at the site.

by meganne 16 May 2008

Oh Heavens, you could search through the posts, or just wait for someone "in the know" to explain it or just sit back and watch your garden grow. I could try , but not sure i'd get it right since i'm only another Cutie like yourself. So i think i'll just click on your little gold flower to 'give' you another one. hugs n roses, M