by lawmedassistant 09 May 2012

I finished off the Breast Cancer Quilt for Relay for Life and dropped it off to them. I hope they can raise a lot of money with it. I joined a block swap at DBS so these blocks came from all over the world - all of them were not used so that I could make another quilt. Thanks for looking.


by de105 10 May 2012

Nice quilt for a very good cause! I hope you raise a lot of money.

by drro 09 May 2012

Very pretty and think Pink!;>)

by justsew 09 May 2012

It is stunning, hope it raises loads of money.
Hugs Pam.

by obaachan 09 May 2012

WONDERFUL ! What a wonderful thing for you to do ... BC runs in my family .... Grandmother, 2 Aunts, 1 Cousin lost... I had a mass removed 5 years ago now.... Still clean ... THANK YOU for your efforts ... The quilt is beautiful !

by lawmedassistant 09 May 2012

Thank you very much everyone. I made this quilt with the technique "Quilt in the Hoop" - just left out the hoop. lol Very easy to put together and it only took me about 3 days to finish it off. My block is in the 2nd row from top and 2nd block going left to right - it's a weave technique (like we use to do to make pot holders as a kid, showing my age, lol). RAFFLE TICKETS: They are selling them for $1.00 each and if anyone wants any please send me private message with how many, name, phone number - I have no problem picking some up for everyone and sending you your numbers but please pay me back. :) Also Phyllis told me that if anyone from out of area won she would appreciate them paying for shipping and handling. Can't wait to see how much the quilt brings in - I'm sure they will let me know and of course I will let you all know. :)

by parkermom 09 May 2012

That is beautiful.

by zedna 09 May 2012

It's a beautiful quilt!

by shirley124 09 May 2012

Great work.

by highlandermom 09 May 2012

Very lovely quilt and I am sure it will help a lot raising money.

by pldc 09 May 2012

oh thats awesome good for you!Wonderful job!

by techgirl 09 May 2012

How beautiful! Just lovely!

by shirlener88 09 May 2012

Sherry, it is really nice work - which blocks are yours? I am sure it will help them raise money, too.

by momhome 09 May 2012

This is absolutely gorgeous. This should bring you in lots of money. Will they tell you how much it brings? Goodluck.

by tippi 09 May 2012

Very Very nice.

by basketkase 09 May 2012

Oh, Sherry, what a beautiful quilt.....

by berny 09 May 2012

That is lovely,I am a 2 time survivor,so understand how important Breast cancer charity is.Thank you,

by noah 09 May 2012

Looks lovely hugs:):)

by hightechgrammy 09 May 2012

It's wonderful! Can we buy chances to support your cause?

by teun 09 May 2012

Sieht sehr gut aus

by capoodle 09 May 2012

Lots of original blocks. Wishing that much money is raised from this quilt.

by daisy530 09 May 2012

It's wonderful!

by bumblebee 09 May 2012

Nicely done and great cause

by michemb 09 May 2012

great idea for a great cause, love all your colors

by mysew1325 09 May 2012

very nice job.

by oigelcox 09 May 2012

This is so wonderfulful it will sure make lots of money for your cause . Hugs Joyce

by oaro 09 May 2012

beautiful job