by cathiejones 07 May 2012

Have you ever fell in love with a collection of embroidery ?

But $99 ????? the collection !!
$8.99 for one, it breaks my heart.
My jaw fell down and my heart's beat accelereted !
Ooooh it is so beautifuuuul !
Don't you think so ???


by bumblebee 07 May 2012

I've seen several in this price range but no way can I afford it.

by terrib 07 May 2012

I put the designs on my wish list from them, and went it went on sale they sent me an email. I paid about half, for the design I wanted. But I did not need the design right away, so if you can wait that is another way to go. Good Luck

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cathiejones by cathiejones 07 May 2012

I think that's what I will do...arm myself with patience !!

by hightechgrammy 07 May 2012

Maybe they will be having a Mother's Day sale? You could write to them and ask them, or ask them if this set could be put on sale specifically? Maybe...... Do you have plans to use it... or do you just want it in your collection?? I love little dressed animals too - anthropomorphism Yeah

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 07 May 2012

I'd be willing to buy it for $30!

by muflotex 07 May 2012

way out of my range but you can clearly see the efford and the time put into digitizing such a fine shading I think it is excelent yarnpainting.
High quality and then the price is ok in relation

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cathiejones by cathiejones 07 May 2012

I agree with you, we can see there is a lot of work behind that digitizing !

by cfidl 07 May 2012

Nice! So are you gonna do it?

by jenne 07 May 2012

Some desinger want sew much I can;t affor them. but boy! i like them.

by lawmedassistant 07 May 2012

I have to agree with you all, very nice designs but the $99 and $8.99 per single is way out of my budget. I have to stick with free or around a dollar. Very seldon have I paid more for a design - only when I needed it for a project. Now if only I would win the lottery ..............

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cathiejones by cathiejones 07 May 2012

We all hope to win but I never play !!

by basketkase 07 May 2012

I got this email too, and was stunned by how gorgeous they were and really wanted them until I saw the price...YIKES!!

by babie 07 May 2012

Yes I saw them they are beautiful But if you go back to the site look at the home page and you will see they have a sliding scale on singles. If I remember correctly if you buy 10 or more you only pay $3.99 per design. That is what I did with the designs I bought from them.

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cathiejones by cathiejones 07 May 2012

Thank you for the suggestion, it is a good idea !

by berny 07 May 2012

Wow! absolutely stunning,what to use them on? Fairy tale quilt???

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cathiejones by cathiejones 07 May 2012

Yes, a fairy tale quilt, good idea.

by bevintex 07 May 2012

These are nice but for $99.00 I can get lots of designs,thread and stabilizer and still have money left over for lunch. The most I have ever paid for a set of designs is $12.00 and that was on sale. I try to get the most for my money and if I have to wait on a sale I'll do it. I won't be buying these

puzzyfoot by puzzyfoot 07 May 2012

Yes I know that feeling but for me its much much more because in South Africa our Rand is so weak for me it will be 9x that

cathiejones by cathiejones 07 May 2012

I will keep an eye on it and if they go down in price I will all let you know !

by kitty2011 07 May 2012

Wow, I just went to the link... they are just stunning aren't they.
I don't think I've seen anything quite like it.

But I'll just stick to drooling., since I may never use them. :)

by grandmamek 07 May 2012

Yes I saw this one also and almost flipped when I saw the price!!No way would I pay that much for a set of designs. Keep checking back. It may go on special sometime. Hugs, Mary

by lique 07 May 2012

It is beautiful but $99 No beyond what I am prepared to pay!

jenne by jenne 07 May 2012

Maybe the designer will read all our input and lower the price. (hint hint)

cathiejones by cathiejones 07 May 2012

We never know !?

by asterixsew Moderator 07 May 2012

Cathie, I have just had a look and yes there is a great selection. It works out at 49 designs which is about $2 a design which is fine but $99 (£62) all at once is way beyond what I am prepared to pay.

What would you like to sew with these design

asterixsew by asterixsew 07 May 2012

Some of my comment has gone, where I know not. It was what would you like to sew out with these designs?

cathiejones by cathiejones 07 May 2012

You are right to see it this way, $2 each sounds ok !
I love the mannequin, the hen and the toad. They look very good quality !
Some buttons have a nice degrading colors.
The only way, I know, to use them all would be a quilt.

by cherylgauteng 07 May 2012

This is very lovely and also very unusual. I presume that you would like to use it on a certain project. I would bookmark it and keep going back to check for a sale !! Sometimes I have waited a long time but have got the set that I like so much in the end. I could not justify spending $99 on one set - not even to myself.

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cathiejones by cathiejones 07 May 2012

You are right, I am going to bookmark it and I will keep you update !