by joann7657 05 May 2012

Here is the rest of the set apron, Hot pad, towel topper, and something to hang on the wall.i can never get the binding right on the edge of my potholders. They always start off good, but when I connect the outer side it's never right. Any suggestions?


by highlandermom 05 May 2012

Beautiful color for this project. I love it! Ironing and pining and if I get in fluster I have grabbed up and lightly put a glue stick to it pinched it on then sewn. Works great! I don't glob it ....... like using a light wet sponge effect on a stamp. I hope this helps. It also works great on tiny tiny doll clothes. Just remember a little light touch kinda like few pins!

by zedna 05 May 2012

Great set!

by joyce05 05 May 2012

Glad you asked the question. I am sure there are many of us who have this problem, me included. The hints are always helpful. Thanks.

by jayce 05 May 2012

lovely set♥

by berny 05 May 2012

sewing with nancy has a tutorial on binding some times a reminder works wonders..

by oaro 05 May 2012

nice set

by capoodle 05 May 2012

Nicely stitched. I would take a piece of binding and do some practice samples. I've tried several ways and they all work but I still like the bias binding foot for quick even results.

by shirlener88 05 May 2012

They look great - I don't have any suggestions - sorry!

by ksmithsews 05 May 2012

Hi. Love your projects. I always cut my binding on the bias and iron, iron, iron. I make sure it is completely pressed in the center and the edges are ironed under, then am careful not to stretch it too much as I am sewing it on. Still mess up some times, but am doing better. If all else fails, you can hand baste it own before sewing on the machine. Yuck. Hope this helps

by bumblebee 05 May 2012

I like the warmth of the fabric-very nice

by mad14kt 05 May 2012

I L*VE the set...I am still trying to master the binding tape issue. I pin mines but somehow everything doesn't stay in place ;D *2U

by noah 05 May 2012

Well i find if it is not smooth i use my regular sewing machine zig zag and fix him smoothly hugs

by berny 05 May 2012

Not sure what you mean,is this in the hoop and the back fabric is not sitting right,a little spray starch and pins...It looks great...

joann7657 by joann7657 05 May 2012

No it is not in the hoop. The last step to sewing your pot holder is to put binding around the edges to finish it off and I never end up with a smooth finish.

dino by dino 05 May 2012

I have this problem, too. I love to make pot holders, but hate the way my binding looks. Wish I knew the secret to smooth binding.

by pldc 05 May 2012

SUPER JOB! well done

pldc by pldc 05 May 2012

I have the same problem & all I can say is pin pin pin!

joann7657 by joann7657 05 May 2012

thanks, practice makes perfect so the more I do the better I should get, haha.