by radmom 02 May 2012

TV Towel Set: I had to take the picture after it was already in the basket, because I forgot to take a picture beforehand. The wash cloth is at the top, with the hand towel in the middle. The bath towel at the bottom had more embroidery on it, but I couldn't get a picture of that. On both sides of center, I stitched a music staff with a trumpet under one staff and a clarinet under the other. I used the music alpha from cuties for the TV.


by techgirl 05 May 2012

Looks great!!

by zedna 04 May 2012

The finished basket looks very professional!

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radmom by radmom 04 May 2012

Thank you! It was just a couple moms and teenage girls putting together baskets from the donated items from the different band sections. I was amazed how well the girls did at stuffing so many things into small baskets and still making everything visible.

by radmom 03 May 2012

I am not sure who won this basket as I was helping serve the spaghetti dinner. The girl's in the band front had a bath theme and did a great job filling it, so much so that we ended up with 2 bath baskets. My daughter asked me to make the towel set as her contribution.

by justsew 03 May 2012

Very nice.

by teun 03 May 2012

Sieht sehr gut aus

by noah 02 May 2012

great job it looks fun to get it i am sure hugs

by gigi70alvarran 02 May 2012

Nice job.:}

by oaro 02 May 2012

nice set

by highlandermom 02 May 2012

Nice work!!

by pldc 02 May 2012

terrific work

by capoodle 02 May 2012

Nice packaging. The red stripes on the towel are perfect for the music/TV theme.

by shirlener88 02 May 2012


by radmom 02 May 2012

There's a little red TV on the hand towel paw print that is hard to see with the celaphane glare.

by designgirl 02 May 2012

Very nice.

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radmom by radmom 02 May 2012

Thank you! I was very pleased and mad at myself for not taking a picture before it was put in the basket.