by patsy28 01 May 2012

FSL coasters

I have made 4 so far. I am trying to decide if I want to make 6 or 8. I am not sure where the design came from. I just know it was a freebie.


by clawton 03 May 2012

Very pretty!

by eastwitch2 03 May 2012

There are 2 FSL Coaster Designs like this on the SEW Forum in the Free Designs Section if anyone wants to download just the 2 coaster designs to stitch out.
They are on the first page of the Free Designs section right know under the name FSL Coasters by Grandmaliz.

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patsy28 by patsy28 04 May 2012

I'm pretty sure the second one is this one.

by eastwitch2 03 May 2012

Does anyone know if the Interactive Embroidery Demo or the full program CD's will work on a 64 bit Vista operating system?


muffy by muffy 03 May 2012

Why don't you download the demo and see if it works? May be the wave of the future, I find it really interesting.
Muffy :)

eastwitch2 by eastwitch2 03 May 2012

I have emailed the website to see if I can get an answer about the program being compatible with Windows Vista 64 bit.
Would rather be safe than sorry and not screw up my lap top! LOL.

by cfidl 02 May 2012

I am going to check this out! Thank you for sharing and the informative conversation! Absolutely beautiful! Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by justsew 02 May 2012


by sigrun 02 May 2012

Very lovely

by shirlener88 02 May 2012

These are very lovely and that Interactive Program is fun to work with.

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oigelcox by oigelcox 02 May 2012

It is great isnt it. Glad you like it. Joyce

by pldc 01 May 2012

they are just lovely!thanks for sharing

by oigelcox 01 May 2012

Forgot to say there is also a video that explains how Interactive Embroidery works. Joyce Australia.

by noah 01 May 2012

Well i love them hugs

by oigelcox 01 May 2012

Hello this design is from a program called Interactive Embroidery You can download a demmo version from . The small program has slider bars that let you make this doiley a 4-8 point star and change the flower and size of doily it is great I have tried it out. You can purchase design CDs which has the full version of the program on each CD.Regards Joyce. Australia

oigelcox by oigelcox 01 May 2012

exact web address

bumblebee by bumblebee 02 May 2012

Thanx for the link

bumblebee by bumblebee 02 May 2012

Very preety

patsy28 by patsy28 02 May 2012

Thank you, Joyce! I would have never remembered that. Now everyone can enjoy the design.

terriweistra by terriweistra 02 May 2012

Thanks for the link :)

cfidl by cfidl 02 May 2012


terriweistra by terriweistra 02 May 2012

I d/l the demo & it looks really interesting, thanks for the info :)

marron1 by marron1 02 May 2012

thanks for the link ...

by cj2sew 01 May 2012

Hopefully someone will recognize where they come from and share. Now if you never cleaned your computer and deleted everything over the past 5 months you could look at your history...only teasing.

by designcrazy 01 May 2012

Wow! those are beautiful coasters, quiet unusual! Love them, great job!

by oaro 01 May 2012

Is very nice design great job

by cj2sew 01 May 2012

These look sew delicate and beautiful. They are also unusual people would love them. I vote 6....

by capoodle 01 May 2012

Someone did a great job on the digitizing as they all stitched out lovely.

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patsy28 by patsy28 01 May 2012

They really did! I wish I could remember where so I could give them credit.

by highlandermom 01 May 2012

Great Looking Coasters!!

by shirley124 01 May 2012

Wow! These are nice. Almost too good to sit a cup on. Shirley

by mi30kaja 01 May 2012

These are nice. Where are they from?

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patsy28 by patsy28 01 May 2012

I wish I could remember. Before Christmas I was collecting all the freebie coasters I could find. I thought I would make some for gifts. I found these when I was looking for something else and I decided to make them. I fail to put where they were from. Sorry

by zedna 01 May 2012

Well done, they look great!

by devon 01 May 2012

great job very nice

by mysew1325 01 May 2012

these are stunning... great job.. to bad you don't know where it is from.. I love it.