by arsenio 30 Apr 2012


I want to make pot holders. In India we donot get Instul bright. What to use as subitute?
Thank you. Bernadette


by mana 30 Apr 2012

I have an old blanket.

by dilceia 30 Apr 2012

I do not understand its question. But, it stays here, a great hug and pleasure in sees her for here.!
You this very absent. I feel its fault. Kisses in your heart. Dilceia( Brazil)

by joann7657 30 Apr 2012

Very good question.
Great answers.

by grandmamek 30 Apr 2012

I just bought some heavy duty thermal fleece. I was told it is heat resistance. I am anxious to try it and see what happens. It is much thicker than regular fleece. I bought it at an fabric outlet.

by berny 30 Apr 2012

Hi,I have one of the ironing board underlays its made from 100% polyster,I would use towel, felted wool,anything like that should do the job.

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greysewist by greysewist 30 Apr 2012

Some great ideas!

by rsehorse 30 Apr 2012

Use a heavy Cotton batting. Don't use poly batting it can melt with heat.

by clawton 30 Apr 2012

Before insulbright we just used heavy batting like for making quilts.

by babsie 30 Apr 2012

Hi Bernadette, I live in South Africa and have never bought insulbright but use an old towel inside mine, If the towel is thick one piece will be ok but if it's thin make it double. It works and I have never burnt myself using it. Hugs.

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arsenio by arsenio 30 Apr 2012

Thank you. God bless you. Have you sold your pot holders? Bernadette

by gerryb 30 Apr 2012

I think Insulbright is fairly new to the market. Our mothers didn't have it in their pot holders! As others have said, some sort of thick padding will also work. Good place to use up old towels? In fact, I think my mom used a towel most of the time to get things out of the oven! Let us see what you do!

by capoodle 30 Apr 2012

I took apart a store purchased one and it had an extra thick piece of towel. I've never had a hot hand using these.

by liz92b 30 Apr 2012

extra layers of regular batting might work.

by jacquipaul 30 Apr 2012

I found some very inexpensive ironing board covers that included a thick insulating fabric.For those that live in the USA, I would suggest looking in a 'dollar' store.

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katydid by katydid 30 Apr 2012

Great idea!!