by tonilee 30 Apr 2012

my embroidery machine is down again i will take it back in as it has only been a couple of weeks but last repair took almost 5 weeks its a baby lock elegante who makes the best machines i use mostly 5 by7 hoop


by ssampsel 01 May 2012

i've got to take mine back to the shop too, just got it out a few weeks ago but it's still not right!i've only tried to stitch a couple of designs & the stitches were hobbible. i miss stitching so much!

by blueeyedblonde 01 May 2012

Hope it doesn't take as long to get it back.

by lehewj1 30 Apr 2012

If it is any consolation, I just had to take mine in today.... for some reason it thinks the embroidery hoop is not locked on, even if I am in the middle of a design... any I keep getting error messages... and it won't stitch the rest of the design I am working on..... all I can see is $$$$$$

We love them, but when they need to be fixed I don't know...

by cfidl 30 Apr 2012

So sorry to hear your machine is down. Hopefully he will fix it for free! LLDS!