by radmom 27 Apr 2012

Double-sided hexagon table mat. I made this to go in a tea basket for my daughter's band fundraiser. It's 17" across. I think it came out pretty good...not perfect, but okay for a first try. Thank you to those who helped me find the link for this pattern.


by shirlener88 29 Apr 2012

It turned out wonderfully - can you put the link here for others to go and get it?

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radmom by radmom 30 Apr 2012 I only did 4 stripes with the one being wider and pieced it so the wide stripes were together. I was able to put the pawprint in the center of the one side, but unfortunately my metalic gold thread nested when I tried to stitch redwork instruments in the outside rim of the other side, hence the patch. Thank you for the compliment.

by clawton 28 Apr 2012

Great set!

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radmom by radmom 30 Apr 2012

It's actually just one piece, but you can show whichever side you want. Thank you !

by blueeyedblonde 28 Apr 2012

good job!

by rmj8939 28 Apr 2012

looks good.

by zedna 28 Apr 2012

Remarkable job!

by read180 27 Apr 2012

Looks great to me ! Cindy B

by oaro 27 Apr 2012

nice colors choice

by capoodle 27 Apr 2012

It came out great and is the paw print the school's mascot?

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radmom by radmom 28 Apr 2012

Thank you! The school's mascot is a bulldog and their colours are black and red.

by devon 27 Apr 2012

very nice job

by cfidl 27 Apr 2012

I like it! Thanks for sharing it! Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by obaachan 27 Apr 2012

Very cool !

by noah 27 Apr 2012

yes for a first time it is great hugs

by mysew1325 27 Apr 2012

very nice job... love the colors you used... these are so quick and easy..

by highlandermom 27 Apr 2012

Good job!