by patsy28 25 Apr 2012

Eyeglass case from I used the plain front with the quilted back. I'm not sure where the K came from but I have used it several times. I also have a little of the batting peeking out but I used fleece that is the same color as the fabric but not the thread. I should have matched the thread better. lol


by pcteddyb 26 Apr 2012

Very nice - great idea to use matching fleece for batting instead of regular batting!

by castelyn 26 Apr 2012

Well done, it turned out great. Hugs Yvonne

by zedna 26 Apr 2012

Looks great and I love the scroll "K"

by noah 25 Apr 2012

looks great are you doing more???hugs

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patsy28 by patsy28 26 Apr 2012

You all have given me the confidence to try lots of different things. Now I want to do everything! lol Now to find the time!

by capoodle 25 Apr 2012

Very pretty and I like the swirly part of the "K".

by oaro 25 Apr 2012

very nice done

by patsy28 25 Apr 2012 is the correct website. Sorry about the mistake.