by cjmelm 23 Apr 2012

I dont know if this is ok but in Tucson Az this weekend we have a 6 year old girl Isabel Celis that was taken from her home some time Friday night. You can go to The Az Daily Star and get the information if its ok we can pass this long and pray.. thank you


by meganne 24 Apr 2012

OMG! That is terrible! I am praying for the safe return of Isabel and sending the Angel of Children to carry our prayers to Him.
This is so distressing, my heart is aching for her and her family.
Praise God, please return Isabel safely to her family.

by cj2sew 24 Apr 2012

Prayers on the way

by debswebster 24 Apr 2012

Oh how awful for all concerned. Please God show her the way back home. Amen

by 02kar Moderator 24 Apr 2012

When a child's safety is an issue, I think it should be plastered everywhere. Prayers for a safe return.

by lehewj1 23 Apr 2012

both my husband and I will pray for her safe return....May God help her be found and safely returned to her home where she belongs

by hightechgrammy 23 Apr 2012

It's definitely on national news. We are praying for her safe return and hopeful :-)

by janetedna 23 Apr 2012

Thinking of all concerned and praying all's well.

by babsie 23 Apr 2012

I will pray for her safe return home. Hugs.

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cjmelm by cjmelm 23 Apr 2012

thank you