by designcrazy 23 Apr 2012

Have any of you CUTIES ever stitch out the inserts for low cut tops. If so, how do you like them & how do you attach them? I have a couple from emblibrary, I think I will try them.


by sdrise 24 Apr 2012

I use snaps to attach it to the shirt. Works great. Suzanne

by designcrazy 23 Apr 2012

Thanks ladies, I did stitch out the two designs that I had purchased but they seem really small. I may just try making some using fabric. I'm not very "busty", but I do not like my tops to be low cut.

by sharonleekesner 23 Apr 2012

I bought the ones from Emblibrary also. I made one that was kind of heart shaped and hollow in the center. It sewed out great and sewed into the v neck shirt just fine but when I washed it, it balled up. I don't mind a little touch up ironing so I did that but it doesn't look right. The others that were more evenly stitched did just fine and look real nice. Another thing that looks really cool for an insert is a free standing lace bowl side. Hope this helps

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designcrazy by designcrazy 24 Apr 2012

I used dissolve away stablizer & light weight netting. How do you do yours?

by theduchess 23 Apr 2012

I have made some inserts for some ladies. Cut out designs in a triangle to fit low blouse space. I place two tiny baby snaps (one at each side top end )and they hold up very well. Ladies seemed pleased with results.X-------X
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by cfidl 23 Apr 2012

I have some FSL inserts that are going into shirts, I was just gonna stitch then in and then cut out out the back. Good Luck with yours and if I do this project today, I will post it! Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by parkermom 23 Apr 2012

I never have, but I'd like to know how you like them. Since I'm fairly "busty" I could really put something like that to use. Tired of using safety pins!

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 23 Apr 2012

me too!