by wp1012 22 Apr 2012

I have been looking for an outline of a 5 point star designed by Cuties. I have not been able to find one. Is there anyone who could do this for me? About 3 inches. That is about the size of a Xmas Ornament. That way I will be able to stitch a design and then stuff it. And also be able to include ribbon to hang. Need the lines and satin edge too. I hope a digitizer see this. I would appreciate this very much. Peg


by castelyn 23 Apr 2012

See Megs, has helped you both out. will just leave ***4all - hugs Yvonne

by meganne 23 Apr 2012

Just uploaded a different variation for you. I wasn't very happy with the other one.:-)

by mops Moderator 23 Apr 2012

Five Star Fonts has two free ones with lettering added, which you can easily skip. They don't mention the size.

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wp1012 by wp1012 23 Apr 2012

Thank you for your help. Trying to get a jump on Xmas. And also for gifts.

by meganne 23 Apr 2012

DONE and Uploaded to DBC, link below

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wp1012 by wp1012 23 Apr 2012

Meganne you are a star all on your own. Thank you so much for doing this for me. Peg

by jerrib 23 Apr 2012

I too am looking for a 5 point star, but a filled one and only about an 1 inch. Funny we are both asking for a star at the same time. Mine is to but on a laptop bag.

wp1012 by wp1012 23 Apr 2012

I see your star was done too. I bet your laptop willl look great. Mine is to make Xmas ornaments on. Put the small design on it and include the ribbon at the end.

jerrib by jerrib 23 Apr 2012

Yes, Meg is so helpful. I knew she would help us both.

by pennifold 22 Apr 2012

Meganne did one a few years ago. Love Chris

I am not sure if this has satin edge though.