by radmom 22 Apr 2012

I thought it was here that I saw a table mat someone had made. It was a hexagon made from strip pieced triangles. There was a link to where the pattern came from. I've googled to try and find it and have had no luck. Does someone know where I could find the pattern? Thanks!



by pennifold 22 Apr 2012

There was a nice Christmas table runner done on here in strip pieces. The design is from Embroidery Library but the actual layout etc. was from a workshop that Tippi (Mildred) attended. Love Chris

by mysew1325 22 Apr 2012

wow.. I love this table mat .. I will have to make one.. I will add this to my , " Got to Make pile" ..thanks for the link

by drro 22 Apr 2012

This was discussed and made by several Cuties.;

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drro by drro 22 Apr 2012

Copy the http link and past e it in your browser space:>)

by dino 22 Apr 2012

I think I found it, or at least one like it. It is at then scroll down on the right side to holiday hexagon.

radmom by radmom 23 Apr 2012

I finally found that last night. I just had to find the right words to google for. I pinned it to my pinterest so I don't forget where it came from. I have been working on my block today. When I finish, I will post a picture in projects.

radmom by radmom 23 Apr 2012

I forgot to say thank you. If I hadn't gotten lucky in my search, your answer would have found it for me. I appreciate that you searched for me.

by eteaff 22 Apr 2012

I don't know but would sure like to. I'll keep watching to see if you get an answer. Hugs & Stitches, Liz

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dino by dino 22 Apr 2012