by tonilee 21 Apr 2012

i hate it when in am dummer than dirt, I'm trying to do the strawberry purse, i love it, i have zipper sewed to the backing but what now i have read the instruction several times and ripping, it says lay the fabric over zipper parallel to top off zipper, it sews both sides and now you cant flip the fabric over, please help


by theduchess 22 Apr 2012

I thought I was the dumd.! But at least you kept trying I gave up!I would love to have one just can't think anymore.

by spendlove Moderator 22 Apr 2012

After the zip is stitched to the stabiliser, the next colour stitches the fabric to one side of the zip. When you flip that over, the outline on that side of the zip will be covered with a double layer of fabric. Repeat with the next colour for the other side.
Good luck.

by greysewist Moderator 21 Apr 2012

You're not 'dumber than dirt', just lack experience in this particular project. You'll be an egg-spurt soon!

by dino 21 Apr 2012

After the zipper is stitched to the stabilizer, lay one piece of fabric face down with the middle of the fabric along the zipper. The next color stitches the fabric to the zipper. Then fold the fabric up out the way and do the same with the next fabric piece, but after stitching, fold the fabric down. Hope this helps.

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mariahail by mariahail 22 Apr 2012