by kryztyna 21 Apr 2012

Good Morning! It's 6am in beautiful, clear but chilly Johannesburg and I am clicking away giving flowers to all as I read your posts. This has me wondering? How many flowers do you give in a day to cuties around the world.Shall we count for a day and find out just how much our world garden blooms in a day? Hugs Christine


by drro 21 Apr 2012

I do like you. I read their post and click away. If I read inside the post and look at others replies, then I click for everyone! top to bottom:>) Like I will do here:)

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drro by drro 21 Apr 2012

I don't count...but I know they bring others happiness so I give as many as I can!

by muflotex 21 Apr 2012

sometimes it is just flowers but no time to comment so it a big garden and many seedling

by shirley124 21 Apr 2012

I am too busy giving them and reading comments to keep count. I'd have to have a calculator beside me. lol

kryztyna by kryztyna 21 Apr 2012

one of those clicker thingees :)

shirley124 by shirley124 26 Apr 2012


by airyfairy 21 Apr 2012

Hi Christine - you are up early. Winter is certainly on it's way here in Knysna as well. To answer your question. I give flowers whenever I am on Cute. Sometimes I do not even read the post - just give a flower to the person to thank them for posting. I have no idea how many I give but lots. Sarah.

by stellapta 21 Apr 2012

Hi Christine, thank goodness Pretoria ia warmer than JHB! Taken the dog to the park, now to hang up the washing. Enjoy your Saturday, Stella

by gerryb 21 Apr 2012

What a cute pic! Goes with GerryVB's of the computer folks around the world!! You're up early & I'm up late! it's after midnight fact 15 til 1 am

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kryztyna by kryztyna 21 Apr 2012

Yip I thought so too. loved the idea. And see not even time matters:)