by olds 18 Apr 2012

Hi, sometime back a design and a pattern

were posted on DBC. It is for a small pillow for breast cancer survivors. I got
it and printed out the pattern and made a
pillow. I can't find the pattern or the
design in my documents. The design is of a
butterfly with the words Love Faith,Courage
and Hope in the wings. the center of it is
a pink cancer ribbon. I have the pillow and it it fits up under the arm with a strap that goes over the shoulder like a
purse. I would like the name of the design.
Our local Cancer Society has asked for
volunteers to sew some heart pillows. I have done this before. I planned to take the pillow I made to show them along with
copies of the pattern. Please help me find
it. Thanks Maureen


by pennifold 18 Apr 2012

Here is her link about them. Love Chris

olds by olds 18 Apr 2012

Thank you Chris. I have printed out 2 copies of the pattern and I was able to find directions in my documents under
PR1572pattern.pdf.Also found emb. design
in my documents.Thanks for prompt reply.

sweetp77creations by sweetp77creations 08 Mar 2015

What is the name of this design? I found it on a search and it led to this 2012 post. Thanks!

by pennifold 18 Apr 2012

I'm not sure but I think Meganne knows about this pillow. Love Chris