by cathiejones 18 Apr 2012

Here's my first peg cosies and not the last one ! They are really cute for children.

Thank you to Lique and Sue for thinking of it. Here's the link underkniefe where is the skull. I cut in the back of the cosie to put the top of the peg and I glued the bottom of the peg on the fabric. Easy and fun to make !


by oaro 25 Apr 2012

you did nice job

by muflotex 22 Apr 2012

well done, thanks to Chris it is easy to find the design here on DBC

by michemb 21 Apr 2012

these would work great as a game of mix and match on a magnetic surface, different themes, colors, numbers or whatever. Great in the car game as well.

by asterixsew Moderator 21 Apr 2012

Cathie lovely work

by lenamae 21 Apr 2012

nice you can put a magnit on thr back of the peg to put it on the fridg.

by noah 18 Apr 2012

Thanks for showing me how to do them hugs:):)

by shirley124 18 Apr 2012

This looks great

by pldc 18 Apr 2012

oh this was is great for the teens I have to go & get this one too! thanks for sharing

by highlandermom 18 Apr 2012

Nice work and love your presentation

by greysewist Moderator 18 Apr 2012

Excellent and your photo is great too, to show us how you attached them.

by capoodle 18 Apr 2012

Good idea and something that boys will like.

by devon 18 Apr 2012

great work

by lique 18 Apr 2012

Are they not easy and quick to make. I bet they will sell as well!

by cj2sew 18 Apr 2012

They really are habit forming aren't they. This looks sew cute