by wp1012 16 Apr 2012

Does anyone have a Babylock? I know there is way a way to find out how many stitches you have done total. Would love to know how to find out. Could someone tell me know? Peg


by craftygeek 31 Dec 2014

i have the ellure and go to settings and then hit the arrows to go thought several pages and towards the end is the stitches. I just leaned to do this thanks all

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mops by mops 01 Jan 2015

did you notice this question was asked and answered in April 2012?

by dragonflyer 17 Apr 2012

I have a Baby Lock Ellisimo...there is a page in the macine settings area (looka like a piece of paper at the bottom left on the screen). It shows how many stitches have been stitched...But, had to send my machine back to Baby Lock for repair about 6 months after I bought had about 8MM stitches on it when it left and Zero when it was returned...they reset the stitch count when it was services...

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lflanders by lflanders 17 Apr 2012

You are soooo Lucky! I have two, Esante and Ellageo but but would give most anything to be able to afford the Ellisimo Gold!!!! That is just a pipe dream! I also have a Singer XL100 also that has very little wear! I went into the Craft business right after I got the Singer and decided to purchase the Esante that had just come out. It was not long before I purchased the Ellageo and although it does not have the prettiest stitch, I love to use it! There is not much difference but enough for me to notice! No one else in my family will admit that they can see a difference in the stitches.

by shirley124 16 Apr 2012

I have heartd that there is a awy to tell how many stitches any embroidery machine has done, but have yet to find out how. Shirley

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shirley124 by shirley124 17 Apr 2012

Meant heard. I have trouble with my fingers. Sorry

by mi30kaja 16 Apr 2012

Interesting question. I have a Brother and will have to check to see how to stitched my machine has done.

by justonlyme 16 Apr 2012

On your touch screen, there will be an icon that looks like a piece of lined paper. Touch that. It will bring you to the information of your machine. There are several pages. Look through there and you will find "service count" under the "general" tab. There is also total count. I believe that the service count is the number you have had since your last service, and total count is just that; the total number of stitches your machine has made.

by paperdoll 16 Apr 2012

I've wondered this myself. Thanks for the question and the answers.

I copied the question and answers so that I can check later 'cause I'm on the 'puter now(as usual--LOL)!

by jofrog2000 16 Apr 2012

It depends on which machine you have. My EllageoESG3 did not show stitches, but my Ellegante2 does on the last menu page.

by sdrise 16 Apr 2012

I have two. Go in the menu pages of the machine and it is usually towards the end of the menu. There will be a block with the number of stitches the machine has done and how many hours it has run. Suzanne

by shirlener88 16 Apr 2012

Peg, it is on your menu screen.

by noah 16 Apr 2012

ttt for help

by cj2sew 16 Apr 2012

I have a Babylock Ellageo. I didn't know that. It makes me wonder how many miles I've put on my machine. Good question