by bumblebee 16 Apr 2012

Shout out to Lique for doing outstanding

job on the Pegs! Thank You and TEsters
Linda aka Bumblebee


by hightechgrammy 19 Apr 2012

You Rock, Lique!

by jacquipaul 19 Apr 2012

Good job lique!

by noah 16 Apr 2012

yes i will shout thanks hugs

by lique 16 Apr 2012

So you don't have enough yet? Plenty more ideas in my head and suggestions given. Xmas ideas?!

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muflotex by muflotex 16 Apr 2012

you sure got the hang of them now 8-)

by hightechgrammy 16 Apr 2012

Lique they are wonderful and you have done an outstanding job! Is there a way you can make a generic one that any 4x4 design can fit, and then be finished on the regular sewing machine, so you don't have to digitize every animal, shape and symbol known to womankind? They are perfect for so many uses, and I think they would sell well at craft sales! Thanks for all your time and talents making and getting us hooked on them! Hugs, Jan

by tilde01 16 Apr 2012

I agree, I love these. I can think of a few more, & would be willing to test stitch them, but don't have a way to post pictures, so I'm out.

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gerryb by gerryb 16 Apr 2012

Send her the suggestions & tell her Gerry will test them for her. Don't want you left out!!

by michemb 16 Apr 2012

She sure has made all the animals I can think of. I will try some for the children where I work (handicaped) they will love these,
Thanks Lique