by lawmedassistant 15 Apr 2012

Jump stitches are killing me!!! grrrrr. I have gone through 5 needles with 7 designs from - and it is when it does the jump stitch! Needles are not cheap and I am getting really frustrated! Anyone have any suggestions on why this happens or what I can do to prevent so many needle breakages??? GRRRRRRRRRRRRR


by airyfairy 28 Jan 2014

Have just seen that this post is nearly a year old........

by gerryb 27 Jan 2014

This is a strange suggestion...but here goes anyway! Sometimes my thread will catch on the edge of the spool & then due to the tension it creates, the thread breaks the needle! So sit & watch closely to see if that is happening. If so, try to find the spot that's catching & sand it smooth with a nail file. Or turn your spool a little bit so the thread doesn't catch at that spot.

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airyfairy by airyfairy 28 Jan 2014

I have also done that before. It only has to be the smallest of nicks in the spool to catch the thread and break the needle. Well done Gerry, I bet this is what is happening.

by eusadnama 27 Jan 2014

I'm so happy to have found this thread.. even if a year and a half old! There is so little out there about broken needles when the machine makes jump stitches. I'm on a 35,000 stitch design and when a jump stitch is made on anything other than the slowest speed, my TITANIUM SINGER needles break!! It's so maddening. My machine is a month old. A month!!! I am on my fifth (I repeat) TITANIUM needle. I have correct stabilizer on top and bottom of my towel and a 75 needle, per suggestion of Embroidery Library, where I get a lot of my designs. The design is great and doesn't need tension adjusted, but those jump stitches are breaking things. I have two dings on the side of my bobbin case now because of these broken needles slicing things up. I haven't read a single useful thing below, no offense people. Did you ever solve this?????

rescuer by rescuer 27 Jan 2014

Welcome to Cute Embroidery!
I solved my issue with broken needles every time there was a jump-stitch by getting a different machine. My old Singer Futura used to do that all the time. Even right after a professional service. I would sit and watch --- cringing with every stitch. It was miserable!
I know my post is not much help to you...but it is how I solved the problem for me.

airyfairy by airyfairy 28 Jan 2014

Welcome to Cute.

by mops Moderator 16 Apr 2012

Other than loosening the top tension one step at a time, using a thicker needle and slowing down the speed I would not know what else can be done.

by meganne 16 Apr 2012

loosen your top tension a little, it is probably too tight so doesn't release the thread when it jumps, causing it to pull on the needle and snap it.
Sorry but that is about all I can suggest.
Heavens I just scrolled down and looked at the design, is it supposed to be FSL? If so, it shouldn't have any jumps!!!
You could try buying Superior Titanium Top Stitch needles, Gosh they are fantastic, I love them. I can't wait to break all my Schmetz so I can replace them with Superior Brand. :-)
hugs n roses, Meganne

by airyfairy 16 Apr 2012

I really admire you for your perseverance. The design doesn't look dense at all. Does the same thing happen when you try a totally different design, as it sounds as if there might be something wrong with your machine? I really hope you come right. Sarah

by bevgrift 16 Apr 2012

Hi I would try to loosen the tension on the top thread. You certainly have plenty of patience with one/set of design.
I have not broken needles like this at all.
My broken needles have happened only while sewing denim hems.
Pls advise what you find and which needle/thread does work for you.
Hugs for you

by greysewist Moderator 15 Apr 2012

Just adding the link for where I get my needles. Won't be anywhere near as expensive as Schmetz :)

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lawmedassistant by lawmedassistant 15 Apr 2012

Thank you, I'll check it out. Yea, I pay $4.99 for a little pack of 5.

by greysewist Moderator 15 Apr 2012

I'd be interested to see how it would go if you were to try a different brand of needles with the same design. I should have also asked what brand of thread you are using? Do you change brands or stick with one? Polyester or Rayon might even be an issue. Some machines, or I believe more likely the tension they're set up at, have their favourites.

lawmedassistant by lawmedassistant 15 Apr 2012

Been using thread from DBS. Not all the jump stitches will cause the needle to break, just some of them. And sometimes 2 or 3 in one design - thinking of trying another thread once most of these are used up. And if anyone else has a singer futura, got any hints for me? :) I'll have to wait until Tuesday when I go to Jacksonville to get more needles, closest around for me (almost an hour drive).

greysewist by greysewist 15 Apr 2012

Is anyone near enough to you that you could borrow some thread of a different brand to try? Or maybe you could try regular sewing thread or overlocker thread, just for interest. Some who are into doileys do them with overlocker thread for the natural look.

by lawmedassistant 15 Apr 2012

Here is a pic of one of the designs, doesn't seem to dense. They are all about the same, they are from a set. I cleaned out my bobbin area, which wasn't to bad. I do try to clean it out at least once a week but a major clean from a service place, maybe 6 months if I can squeeze it into the budget. I'm still learning this machine (singer futura ce150) - previous machine was a brother but hoop is broken on that one. Can't remember what needles came with my machine but using Schmetz Embroidery 75/11, bobbins are what is made for my machine and checked them for burrs, nothing. Still trying to figure out what is causing it - keeping fingers crossed as this is the last needle I have on hand. Anyway back to try other things. Thank you for all your help! Really appreciate it.

parkermom by parkermom 15 Apr 2012

I don't know if this helps, but my household singer machine absolutely hates schmetz needles, and will only use singer brand needles. My embroidery machine likes them ok, but loves klasse best.

mops by mops 16 Apr 2012

A one colour design like this should not have any jumps at all! They can be avoided easily when digitising.

by gerryb 15 Apr 2012

When I had a lot of breaking needles, the thread was coming out of that little take up hook before the needle. Couldn't see it well, so keep a small flashlight to shine in there to be sure it's still in place! For some reason it'd jump out during long satin stitches or long jump stitches. Someone on here (maybe meganne?) said to thread it from the other side of the hook than you normally do. That has helped. Let us know if you solve the problem!

by greysewist Moderator 15 Apr 2012

Interesting and frustrating for you. I have never ever had a needle break over a jump stitch. Seems odd to me. I do clean my bobbin area very frequently, prob more like once a week than 3 mthly. What needles do you use, by the way? Are they the same brand as you received when you got your machine? Mine are Organ from the US. I use a Janome 350E embroidery only machine.

by shirlener88 15 Apr 2012

I dislike jump stitches, too. Broken needles even more. Do check the bobbin case area - clean it out often. You could use som dental floss and run it through the thread guide - if there is broken thread - it might come out with this method.

by rachap 15 Apr 2012

The other thing you might do ,especially if it is a dense design is,if possible slow your machine down . I'd go down as slow as it can go.
Is it possible that you got a bad packet of needles? I got one once that every one in the pack had a break in the eye so they wouldn't stay threaded!

by linda8450 15 Apr 2012

Does your machine cut the jumps? If so, can you turn it off? Can you go in to software and "see" what the problem might be? That's alot of needle breakage. I had this happen and was very frustrated as well. I have a Diamond and was about to throw it out the window! Turned it off, back on, recalibrated, nothing seemed to work. Finally righted itself. I know that's not much help! Linda

gerryb by gerryb 15 Apr 2012

I've had trouble with my Diamond too. Not good PR for the machine!!

meganne by meganne 16 Apr 2012

I found my Diamond prefers 90/14 needles for embroidery, I had a lot of trouble until I discovered this little quirk.

by michemb 15 Apr 2012

Has your machine had a good cleaning lately, always find that helps.

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lawmedassistant by lawmedassistant 15 Apr 2012

Had a good cleaning about 3 months ago, guess it can be done again.