by arsenio 14 Apr 2012


I have digitzed a logo of 3950 stitches size 3.2inches x 1.1 inches, the size of the font is 1/4 inch and embrodiered 25 shirts and 6 blouses. How much can I charge? Do I charge them by stitches or by
one individual fonts.
Thank you.

Bernadette de Souza.


by linda8450 14 Apr 2012

For names I charge $1 per letter, but I have a minimum of $7.50 (Amy or Sue pay the minimum). But when doing a big order like yours, I round off and charge by the shirt. If you don't have a set up fee, or a fee for the digitizing, are you short changing yourself?

I charge $1 per thousand stitches on a regular design, but not if I digitized it! So maybe a set up(digitizing)fee and then a price per each shirt/blouse. Like $40 fee, plus $6 per shirt, taking time, sttiches, thread, stabalizer into account, you would get %6 X 31= $96 PLUS $40 fee=$136 for the job. Linda

by shirley124 14 Apr 2012

I'm sorry I don't know either. Sure hope someone can help you. Shirley

by mops Moderator 14 Apr 2012

I charge for the digitising and the embroidery separately.
I have a set price for designs that have a limited number of stitches - anything up to 10 minutes stitching time.
For the digitising part I take the time into consideration. But in most cases I don't charge at all - not very businesslike, I know but I love the challenge.

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arsenio by arsenio 14 Apr 2012

Thank you. Mops. So when are you are comming up with scallops designs. I did the pattern you splited. Now I have done 30 doilies to give as gifts, I am going to Pune, for all India Quilter's meet. Bernina India is sponsoring it.
Bye. God bless.

by pennifold 14 Apr 2012

I'm sorry I don't know but I'm sure one of our digitisers will be able to help you out. I have read somewhere about something to do with charging by the number of stitches. Love Chris

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arsenio by arsenio 14 Apr 2012

Thank you. God bless.