by marietta 13 Apr 2012

Hello to all our Cutie friends. I just want to ask you pray and think of Marthie, Lizell and their family, as Marthie's brother passed away suddenly after a motorcar accident this morning.

We are all thinking of you my friend.
Lots of love, plenty of hugs.
Remember God is always there when things get to hard. Talk to Him.
Your friend



by hightechgrammy 19 Apr 2012

Marthie, I am just so, so sorry for your family's loss. May our Lord bring you peace during this sorrowful time. Hugs and tears for you, Jan

by marthie 19 Apr 2012

Dear Cuties, my cyber fiends. Thanks so much for your kind words and prayers. I know that some of you also lost a loved one or somebody very close to you and the sad part is that we did have the time to say a good bye. But I believe he is at peace. May you all have a wonderful and safe weekend. Lovies

by lizell 14 Apr 2012

Dear Cuties....on behalf of myself and my mom I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support and kind words. I can't imagine what it must be like for my mom losing a sibling, but I'm sure your kindness will help her through. I'll be joining her in SA in 2 weeks time and will give her a HUGE hug then. A special thank you also to Marietta, Yvonne and the rest of the Cape Town Cuties, I'm really looking forward to meeting you all in May. Love...Lizell xx

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marthie by marthie 19 Apr 2012

Dankie my kind. Jammer jy is so ver

by shirlener88 14 Apr 2012

Marietta, thank you for letting us know.

Marthie and Lizell: You and your family will be prayed for over and over - until we know - that you are through this.

by bielie 14 Apr 2012

So sorry to hear about your loss. Thinking of you and will pray that you will be surrounded by God's love. Sterkte vir julle almal, ek bid vir julle

by drro 13 Apr 2012

I will keep them all in my prayers for peace and comfort! How tragic this is. It makes me so sad, as we never know when we will go home and leave so many behind bereaved. This just makes me so much more aware of how much I need to tell my family and friends how much I love them all the time. God Bless and please pass on our condolences and concerns for all of them.

by noah 13 Apr 2012

Will be praying hugs carolyn

by lflanders 13 Apr 2012

I am so sorry to hear this news! My prayers and thoughts go out to you and your family during this very sad time. May the Lord keep you wrapped in his loving arms and help you get through this. Our strength comes from above! Hugs and blessings to your family and close friends! Linda

by crafter2243 Moderator 13 Apr 2012

I am so sorry. This is terrible news. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Angie

by lenamae 13 Apr 2012

Marthie I am so sorry I will surely pray for the family Love hugs Lenamae

by pennifold 13 Apr 2012

Dear Marietta, so sorry to read this news. I'll pray for them and light a candle tomorrow at church. Love and blessings Chris

by moyed 13 Apr 2012

MY prayers and blessingss to Marthie, Lizell and their family. hugs Helen

by capoodle 13 Apr 2012

Thinking of you and your family during this difficult time.

by dlonnahawkins 13 Apr 2012

Thanks for letting us know - and Martie, Lizell - and your families our hearts and prayers are with you at this time.

by ceceliadelange 13 Apr 2012

Marthie and family, thinking of you. God gee nie altyd 'n antwoord waarom ons moet ly nie, maar HY belowe day Hy in elke krisis by ons sal wees. Ek hoop en vertrou dat julle die nodige troos van HOM sal ontvang. Sterkte .
Cecelia xx

by devon 13 Apr 2012

Sending hugs and prayers to the family. DeVon

by toogie 13 Apr 2012

I am deeply saddened for all of you,Lizell,Marthie and family. My heart goes out to you.This happened to my 19 yr old niece, almost 6 years ago.I know that it seems almost too much to bear,but call on the Lord,He will see you through.He loves us,His children,and even though we don't understand WHY, we must accept His plan.I know how hard it is and I will pray for the family...Our Heavenly Father,please hear our prayer.Please comfort this family.The sudden loss of this loved one is heartbreaking.Hold their hearts,Father, in your hand, so they may not break into and heal them.Hold them up,Lord,as they go through this hard time, as they have been weaken by this sudden, almost unbearable loss. Father, please give them strength,in their hour of need.Please let the family feel the love and care, that friends feel for them, but most important, let them feel your comforting presence.Thank you Lord, for blessings we have recieved. We ask this all, in Jesus' name, Amen

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 19 Apr 2012

such a beautiful prayer, thank you

by irenewayne 13 Apr 2012

So sorry for your terrible loss.

by snowbird42 13 Apr 2012

what a tragic way to lose someone sending you and the family love light and healing in this difficult time...soozie

by gramsbear 13 Apr 2012

I am so sorry for the loss. I will Pray for the family, So sudden, so terrible to have happened. Hugs & Many Prayers, Judy

by marietta 13 Apr 2012

Hello to all of you. Marthie has asked that I thank you all on her behalf. I told her about all the lovely messages, as it is so nice to hear everybody is standing behind you. She will answer when she has internet again. There is a computer, but without internet connections where she is staying.
Hugs and lots of love to all you lovely people
God bless

drro by drro 13 Apr 2012

ttt & thanks for conveying our prayers and thoughts;>)

shirlener88 by shirlener88 14 Apr 2012

Thank you so much.

by susiesembroidery 13 Apr 2012

What sad news to hear. My heart goes out to you Marthie and Lizelle. Will think of you and pray that you and the family will be comforted by our Dear Lord. Innige simpatie.**

by lucypiwow 13 Apr 2012


by jacquipaul 13 Apr 2012

Thank you for posting this here, Marrietta, as I often miss things in 'personal' tab.
My love and prayers for you, Marthie and Lizell. May God comfort you and give you strength.
Love and hugs,

by castelyn 13 Apr 2012

This was terrible news. Marthie and Lizell, thinking of you at this sad time. Hugs and love Yvonne xxxx

by cfidl 13 Apr 2012

Terrible news, my heart goes out to the family. Thank you for letting us know. christine

by zoefzoef 13 Apr 2012

This is really no good news. Sending out my prayers and lots of strength to the family.

by clawton 13 Apr 2012

So sorry to hear about her brother. Thoughts and prayers are with her family.

by momhome 13 Apr 2012

I am so sorry Marthie & Lizell. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your families.

by theduchess 13 Apr 2012

Sorry for your loss Marthie and Lizell.

by terriweistra 13 Apr 2012

Oh dear, that is awful news. My thoughts go out to Marthie and her family

by gerryvb 13 Apr 2012

oh, how awful, so sorry for the loss. prayers for family and friends to accept this.

by lulu07 13 Apr 2012

Extremely sorry for your loss, my prayers are with you...GOD bless you and give you comfort and peace.

by basketkase 13 Apr 2012 shocked by this news and your tragic loss..we are here to support you in anyway you need us......Vicki

by blueeyedblonde 13 Apr 2012

Very sorry to hear this news. My thoughts are with them.

by greysewist Moderator 13 Apr 2012

That is absolutely terrible news. My thoughts are with all of those who are left behind. Thanks for letting us know, Marietta.

by pldc 13 Apr 2012

oh I am sew sorry to hear of sad news, my prayers go upto all concerned

by shirley124 13 Apr 2012

My prayers are with Marthie, Lizell and their family at this sad time. Hugs, Shirley

by asterixsew Moderator 13 Apr 2012

Marietta, thanks for letting us know this very sad news. I am thinking about them and send positive thoughts

by dailylaundry 13 Apr 2012

How difficult for them! Marthie, Lizell and your family are in my prayers! Marietta, thank you for letting us know! Hugs to all, Laura*

by sewfrenzie 13 Apr 2012

Marthie and Lizell my thoughts and prayers go out to you. May your fond memories get you throught this difficult time.

by sadp 13 Apr 2012

Marthie en Lizell, verskriklik jammer oor julle groot verlies, julle is in ons gebede, hou net vas aan die Here, Hy is julle trooster, liefde S*

by mi30kaja 13 Apr 2012

My thoughts are with you Marthie, Lizell and Family.

by lbrow 13 Apr 2012

So sorry to hear about this Marthie, of course you and family are in my prayers. thank you Marietta for letting us know./Lillian

by sewemb 13 Apr 2012

Sorry for your loss Marthie and Lizell

by grandmamek 13 Apr 2012

My sincere condolences to Marthie, Lizell and their families. My thoughts and prayers are with them. May God provide them with comfort during this difficult time in their life. Hugs, Mary

by michemb 13 Apr 2012

Heartbreaking when these accidents happens, thoughts and prayers for them all

by lidiad 13 Apr 2012

It's hard when a loved one passes away suddenly. Prayers and hugs to Marthie, Lizell and their family.
Thank you, Marietta.