by louisecockeran 09 Apr 2012

Hi all my Cutie friends I missed you all so much last week, I had to be in the hospital last week Tuesday just for a small procedure with my kidneys but when I woke up after surgery I found out they found even bigger kidney stones than the previous week, what a shock for me I thought I will go home as soon as I am awake but then I had to stay in Hospital for 3 more days! I'm better now just a bit weak of the 2 big anesthetics in 6 days time and fighting severe kidney infection but I will survive. Hugs to you all Love Louise


by bokkieborduur 10 Apr 2012

Louise ek dink aan jou .Onthou die Granberry sap en aie rus. Liefde Marie

by grandmamek 10 Apr 2012

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I am sure you are in a lot of pain at the present time. Take it easy and get plenty of rest. Hugs, Mary

by jrob Moderator 09 Apr 2012

I Pray the worst is over! You take care of yourself and rest all that you can.;)

by nannynorfolk 09 Apr 2012

Get well soon ;)

by anangel 09 Apr 2012

Louise, take care of yourself by resting and allow that infection to clear. Drinks lots and lots of liquids to flush out your system. It will take a week or two to start feeling good again, so hang in there!! The worse is past!!

by cfidl 09 Apr 2012

You best do that you hear! Thanks for letting us know Louise. Rest and recover and we will be here when you get up! You need a buddy so that we can know when you are going through stuff like this. Are you done now? christine LLDS!

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louisecockeran by louisecockeran 11 Apr 2012

I have to go back on the 30 April, because when they do take stones out the insert a thin tube that runs from my kidney to my bladder it is called a 'J Stent' and it helps keeping the Urether open for some small fractures of stones to pass in the urine, and then they remove it after 2-4 weeks.