by louisecockeran 06 Apr 2012

Hi all my Cutie friends I have been in hospital again for kidney stones hopefully it is over now after 5 years! I am very tired and weak because of the laser and aneasthetics twice this week. Keep me in your prayers I know I am healed. Hugs Louise


by dididwiar 07 Apr 2012

Hope your feeling better!!! Big Hugs!!

by drro 07 Apr 2012

Prayers for you now and for the days ahead! God Bless and Keep you! Jesus is the great healer; have faith and as you know, pray, pray ,pray! HUGS!!! and Blessings! Happy Easter!!

by cfidl 06 Apr 2012

Prayers for a quick and complete recovery! Thanks for updating us! Live Laugh Download Stitch - right after you get enough rest and recovery!

by jrob Moderator 06 Apr 2012

I hope this is behind you now. Prayers for quick healing.;)

by capoodle 06 Apr 2012

Keep up the fluids to stop them from forming and helping them pass. My DH has had the laser surgery about three years ago and hasn't had a recurrence. I do have to constantly remind him to stay hydrated. In about a month this will just be a bad memory. Prayers, Hugs, and Drink plenty of water.

by parkermom 06 Apr 2012

bless your heart--I've been in your shoes a few times now. That pain is something else. But when it all wears off, think how great you're gonna feel

by grandmamek 06 Apr 2012

Get some rest. Hopefully you will soon be back 100%. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Hugs, Mary

by judybell 06 Apr 2012

Louise, very happy you are on the mend. Hugs, Judy

by michemb 06 Apr 2012

prayers going out for you, take care and give your body time to heal. Get well soon Louise
Hugs Michelle

by lidiad 06 Apr 2012

Prayers and hugs to you, Louise! Wish you a prompt recovery. Lidia

by shirlener88 06 Apr 2012

Louise, I have been wondering how you were - sounds like they took care of everything and now you just need to rest and take care of you. I will be praying for you dear one.

by nannynorfolk 06 Apr 2012

The worst is over for you - just rest and get better soon ;) Hugs Marie

by airyfairy 06 Apr 2012

So sorry to hear this Louise. Get better soon. Hugs Sarah.