by wp1012 05 Apr 2012

Could someone help? I have seen the FSL Angels with fringe at Criswell. It says there is a sample. Could you tell me how to get it for DL? I want to try it first before I decide to buy the set. I would appreciate any help. Thanks Peg


by shirlener88 05 Apr 2012

Peg, yo need not worry - you can download any of their FREE designs and know that that any of the designs that you purchase from them will be of the same quality. I have many of their fringe and FSL designs and I feel comfortable enough to tell you - that you will not be disappointed with the fringe FSL angel.

by eastwitch2 05 Apr 2012

The home page only mentions a free sample on the Designs with Fringe page.
It doesn't say a free Fringe angel design.
The Fringe sample is the small flower.

All Criswell designs stitch out great and they do give very good instructions with each set.

Try the flower sample to see how the fringe is stitched. It will have instructions with it.

by rachap 05 Apr 2012

I can't help with the free download but I have used their snowflake designs and they stitched out beautifully

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wp1012 by wp1012 05 Apr 2012

Thanks for your help. I am sure they are beautiful. But I just wanted to try one before I buy.

by hagridsmom 05 Apr 2012

You are right - it does say sample but there isn't one, at least from that page. Their freedown load page doesn't show them either. second link is the freebie page

wp1012 by wp1012 05 Apr 2012

So my eyes are playing tricks. Thank you for looking for me. Your help is very much appreciated.

by gerryvb 05 Apr 2012

if you mean this angel; as far as I can see only the small flower is free, Sorry

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wp1012 by wp1012 05 Apr 2012

Those are the angels. But it says there is a sample one. I just wanted to try it before I buy. Thank you.

by edithfarminer 05 Apr 2012

Have you got a link at all?

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wp1012 by wp1012 05 Apr 2012

Thank you. I do not know how to do the links yet. Sorry.