by jayce 04 Apr 2012

Can anyone help me? I have Embird on my desktop computer, but i would also like to use it on my laptop, everything works except iconizer, what am i doing wrong, or do i have to buy iconizer again to use it on the laptop

Thank you for your help♥☺


by mops Moderator 04 Apr 2012

Have you used the password for Iconiser, it should work on both.

by sewinhuggs 04 Apr 2012

There is a yahoo group for embird users. I know more then likley someone on there has ask that same question. Since I use windows Xp with my embird iconizer, I can't help you. Hope you find the answer.

by sewmom 04 Apr 2012

I'm not sure but I'm going to pretend I'm my DH and ask what he would ask. What operating systems do the desktop and laptop run on? Is one WindowsXP and one Windows7 or something else? What system does the iconizer say it needs? You may need to get the iconizer downloaded for a different operating system. I don't know how the purchase is done, can you go back and upgrade or change to another system or do you have to buy it again?

jayce by jayce 04 Apr 2012

Both computers have Vista premium

sewmom by sewmom 04 Apr 2012

Sewinhuggs has a great idea. Try that.

by dragonflyer 04 Apr 2012

Good questions...all I can do is bring it back ttt