by rmj8939 30 Mar 2012

How can a use ribbons that were awarded to my grandaughter in a quilt? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Ruthie


by rmj8939 30 Mar 2012

Thank you all for your input. She has so many of them that they are all around her room tacked up the near the top of the wall. I guess it would not be a good idea to do what she wanted with them as they wouldn't stand up to laundry. Thank you all.

by justonlyme 30 Mar 2012

If you make a quilt, then remember that it is going to be laundered. IF you did want to use them, I would applique them on. But if it were me making it, I would put the ribbons in a display of some sort and use a reasonable semblance of them to make the quilt. For example, if she has a blue ribbon for an award, I would make a blue ribbon block and embroider the date, event, and such on that block. But that is just me, as they are irreplaceable. Good luck. What ever you decide to do, be sure to post in projects to inspire the lot of us. :)

by cfidl 30 Mar 2012

I agree there is a fabric porblem, many of these have acetate, otherwise I would just applique them down! LLDS!

by lenamae 30 Mar 2012

please do not distroy the ribbons printing them on fabris is a great idea

by capoodle 30 Mar 2012

There are some good solutions and if all else fails I would purchase a beautiful shadow box picture frame and display them.

by obaachan 30 Mar 2012

I use to know a lady here that would take the kids horse show ribbons and make stuffed animals, pillows etc using them, been so long ago that I don't remember if she ever did a quilt. I do remember that she used the middle streamer(usually the one that had all the info on, show name etc) and the rosette almost like an applique .... I will ask around with my horse people and see if she is still doing this... If I find any info for you I will PM you with it ...

by sewmom 30 Mar 2012

It depends on what the ribbons are made of and how many you have of them. A few? Hundreds?

by gjemptynester 30 Mar 2012

Since the ribbons make lousy "fabric", I suggest that you photograph them. Then either digitize each photo and embroider or just print the photos on fabric and then applique to quilt.