by bunnyhop 30 Mar 2012

trying to get my daughter into sewing. the other day she asked if she could have a go on my new singer XL-400. showed her whats what and left her to it. after getting back from shopping she had found some silk material and had a go of the redwork designs i had. a big beam on her face look what i've done. it looked great but i asked why have you done the design in red on cream silk. well if i did it in cream you would not see it drrrrrrrr.


by darmoola 30 Mar 2012

Great story. :)

by capoodle 30 Mar 2012

That's cute. We all would like to have our children learn as least the basic sewing techniques.

by bumblebee 30 Mar 2012

Oh boy, she may get hooked like the rest of us.

by pldc 30 Mar 2012

Well once she has started like you said she had abig beam on her face you know she won't want to stop! I have corrected ZEROS?????? & watered everyone's else's flowers too!

by blueeyedblonde 30 Mar 2012

Well, at least she was being logical! LOL! How nice is that - that she even wanted to try her hand at it!

by susiesembroidery 30 Mar 2012

She will soon not want to stop embroidering. You will be standing in line for your machine. LOL ****

by grannyh 30 Mar 2012

I have been thinking of getting the XL 400 by Singer. Did you get the software with it and if so is it easy to use? Would you recommend it? I have the Singer XL 6000 and Love it. I keep looking at the XL400 and wondering if this is something I should have. Could you give us a review?

by airyfairy 30 Mar 2012

You are so lucky to have a daughter that shows even the tiniest interest in sewing/ embroidery. My two are hopeless. Maybe my grand daughter will show some interest when she is older. Sarah.

by leenova54 30 Mar 2012

Maybe I have a problem cause I don't know what she did wrong. I would want it to stand out too so please help me with why it was wrong. I am serious. Was she going to make the silk into something then? If so, what? Help, I really don't know what was wrong with it.

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bunnyhop by bunnyhop 30 Mar 2012

she was making a pillow cover for her daughters doll pram. and just wanted a design on it. she thought because the redwork design was red she had to do it in red. i explained to her it was done in that colour so you could see it. luckyly she still had it hooped up so she redid it with a thicker thread and hey presto it worked.

by bevgrift 30 Mar 2012

Well done for her.
They were "redwork" designs after all.
Hugs to you both

by obaachan 30 Mar 2012

That's how it starts !! Look out now ... she'll take over your machine !!! LOL

by cfidl 30 Mar 2012

Yeah! Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by suelyn7 30 Mar 2012

That's daughters for you!!!!!!