by raseitz 29 Mar 2012

Sulky thread - what weight/content should would you recommend to blend with/supplement my Pacesetter/Brother color set. Sulky has more shades of red (and other colors) than Pacesetter does, but I don't want to have to buy a WHOLE new set. I hope I can find something that is extremely close so I can blend the "new" thread in with my Pacesetter threads.


by eastwitch2 30 Mar 2012

There are 2 kinds of cones.

Min cones or Spools usually have 1000 meters or 1100 yards of thread on them.
Some vendors call them mini cones - some call them spools.
They usually say how much thread is on the cones or spools.

Then there are other websites that sell small spools with only 700 meters of thread on them and they are more like the small spools of sewing thread that you see at sewing stores.

Large cones of embroidery thread usually have 5000 meters or 5500 yards of thread on them.

Some cones can have 3000 meters or 10,000 meters of thread.
Most vendors will say how much thread is on the cones.

On the Brother Mall the Robinson Anton thread is offered in both sizes - spools of 1000 meters or cones of 5000 meters.

The website that you buy your thread at has the mini cones of thread with o 1000 meters or 1100 yards of thread on them.


eastwitch2 by eastwitch2 30 Mar 2012

Think of it this way
Spools/mini cones usually have 1000 meters or less of thread on them.
Cones usually have 1000 meters or more thread on them.

If you are comparing prices make sure you are comparing the same amount of thread on the spools/mini cones or on the larger cones

eastwitch2 by eastwitch2 30 Mar 2012

or cones

by eastwitch2 30 Mar 2012

The website that you purchase your thread from has pretty high prices.
If you want Robinson Anton thread you can purchase it at the Brother Mall for less.

Also BFC-Stash has some real nice, high quality Polyester thread in many colors and you can buy it in sets or individual cones. The price is very good and lower too than what you see on the website where you are purchasing your thread.

Just some suggestions for you to think about!

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raseitz by raseitz 30 Mar 2012

how many yards are on a cone, specifically the RA cones listed on the brothermall2 site? I saw on another site that a "cone" is 10k yards. Is cone a universal term that would be used on many websites to describe the same item? Thanks for the help. Money is tight right now, so I'm trying to use my money wisely. I greatly appreciate your help.

by eastwitch2 30 Mar 2012

Most regular embroidery thread is 40 weight.
And that is the weight of thread most digitzers suggest to use for their designs.
Both regular Rayon and regular Polyester Embroidery thread is 40 weight.
There are other weights of these threads but 40 weight is what is used most for embroidery

All the Brother, Robinson Anton, & Sulky threads that you see on the link that you gave are 40 weight embroidery thread.

You might think of purchasing one spool or cone of the different brands and see how you like them.

You can use different brands of thread in an embroidery design so don't hesitate to do that.

Some Brands of threads offer more colors or tones of colors than other Brands so many embroiders buy different brands just to get the colors they want to use.

Hope this helps you.

by raseitz 30 Mar 2012

According to the site where I've been buying my thread, both the Brother/Pacesetter and Robinson Anton thread are made by Robinson Anton and are 120 denier. Is that the weight of the thread? If that's the case I can assume (yes I know what assuming does) that the Pacesetter thread and the Robinson Anton thread would blend well?

by cfidl 30 Mar 2012

It is impossible to know what the wt of the thread matches unless you stick with the same brand. Experiment and testing is the best way to get the results you want. You can use a different wieght in the bobbin (lighter) especially for dense fill design. Have Fun! Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by pcteddyb 30 Mar 2012

My machines HATE Sulky thread. I use threads and if I need an extra color I look at Floriani or Gutterman (the embroidery thread from them).