by rmj8939 29 Mar 2012

I am feeling down today. I made it through the winter job on the mountain and now my husband (age77) leaves tomorrow to start a new job. He will be gone at least 2 months at first. Since we were married in 1999 we have never been away from each other. I will miss him terribly.


by mary51 31 Mar 2012

Keep your self busy Think is not for ever he will return, and maybe long weekends you can go or he can go back, My loved and so DH left this world ten months ago, to the place of no return.

by susiesembroidery 31 Mar 2012

Hugs and kisses. Please talk to us, your second family and loving friends, her on cuties, when you feel lonely. We are her for you.*****

by lenamae 31 Mar 2012

wow I feel bad for you . But just keep busy and you will see how fast time will go by.
Hugs Lenamae

by capoodle 30 Mar 2012

It sounds like you are going to keep busy so that will help the days go faster. Plan out all the birthdays, Christmas gifts, etc. and you can work on those in your extra time. How far away will he be from you? Maybe you two can meet halfway every couple weeks. If this is a short term job for him just know you will be together again. Hugs.

by zoefzoef 30 Mar 2012

Sorry to hear you need to miss your dh. But you should look it possitive' isn't it great that someone gives him a chance for a new job ? What a chalenge for him too. And I once read a saying': if you say you miss him, if sure means you are still crazy at him. Cherish this love ! And you know.... There 's always someone here to talk with..'

by obaachan 30 Mar 2012

I feel for you .. Try and keep busy, imagine all the stitching you can get done !

by cfidl 30 Mar 2012

I could not answer your post yesterday, my heart was too tender. You will make it through this transitional phase. I promise. We are here for you should you need to express yourself! christine

by airyfairy 30 Mar 2012

Oh dear, that is hard for you both. Just make a plan to keep in touch. Looking on the bright side just think how much embroidery you will get done. :) Sarah

by terriweistra 29 Mar 2012

Oh dear, life can be really difficult sometimes. Being apart is really not great, but with email, mobiles and the internet at least you will be able to stay in daily contact.

Stay strong sweetheart, I hope you will soon be feeling a bit better

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rmj8939 by rmj8939 30 Mar 2012

Thank you.

by tippi 29 Mar 2012

I know how you are feeling. My husband was in the Navy and went off to 3 months of schooling and then he went on a ship and was gone 6 months at a time. I stayed busy with other wife's and community projects. Time passes a lot quicker that way.

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rmj8939 by rmj8939 30 Mar 2012

Thank you. I am sure it is a lot worse for those that have spouses in the service. I can't imagine that feeling.

by leenova54 29 Mar 2012

Sorry to hear that, it will be strange not having him in the house but think of all the little things you can get caught up on. Talk on the phone with friends, finish those projects, do some Spring cleaning.....well, maybe that one isn't so much fun but it will make the time pass by faster. Hug his pillow at night. Good luck and hugs, Debra

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rmj8939 by rmj8939 30 Mar 2012

I have a whole list of things to do while he is gone. Cleaning is up on the top of the list.