by jayce 26 Mar 2012

I am looking for information on the Janome MC 200E does anyone have this machine. just wondering if it comes with usb to transfer designs from the computer. and is it a good machine to buy or should we go with a bigger machine. Thank you for any info you can give me♥


by spendlove Moderator 26 Mar 2012

My sister has the 200E. It has a USB port and hers came with a memory stick ready to go. It is a nice embroidery only machine AND STITCHES VERY NICELY.

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spendlove by spendlove 26 Mar 2012

Oops that shouldn't have been in capitals (I didn't mean to shout!)

by grandmamek 26 Mar 2012

I am not sure but I think the 200e and the 30oe do not have USB ports. I have a 350E and that does have both the flash card and the usb port.

by granniebea 26 Mar 2012

Here is a link to Janome about your machine. Compare this to the 300E and the 350E machines. I have the 300E and looovee it.Think about what you want to do and how many features you want in a machine.The 200E has a small frame for embroidering, that in itself can be a pain. The price difference can be a big factor but in the long run it may be cheaper to buy one with more options for embroidering.

jayce by jayce 26 Mar 2012

Thank you♥ I am asking for my daughter in law, she has had bad luck with a used machine, and wants a new one this time she was thinking the 200e because of price but she wants to make sure it has usb

jayce by jayce 26 Mar 2012

Thankk you so much I have the information i need from your link♥