by mommajo 22 Mar 2012

I have a subscription to Cute but I can't figure out how to down load designs. It keeps trying to charge me for designs????


by shirley124 23 Mar 2012

Best of luck. Download and enjoy. Shirley

by hightechgrammy 22 Mar 2012

Don't feel bad. One of us answers this question at least once a week. It's not explained very well. I remember when I asked the very same question - LOL! Enjoy all these wonderful designs!

by greysewist Moderator 22 Mar 2012

Easy fix. Lots ask the same question, so you are not alone. I hope you enjoy your downloads :)

by sewmom 22 Mar 2012

Don't put them in the cart. Look under the add to cart. It says or for members

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mommajo by mommajo 22 Mar 2012

Thank you. Really helps to read it all first

by mommajo 22 Mar 2012

Duhhhh never mind found it, lol