by tilde01 21 Mar 2012

I also love these zippered "In The Hoop" designs, but I have a question. I have no problem putting in the zipper, my problem is opening up the zipper so that the item can be turned right side out before I place the back on top. Any hints on how to make it easier would be great.


by tilde01 24 Mar 2012

Just thought I'd let everyone know. Just completed the 4x4 kitty purse design by suedewsbury. Had no problem opening the zipper. Thank you all for your help.

by almag 22 Mar 2012

OK>>>>.... more info!!!! I'm heading off now to Spotlight to get some nylon zips and I will, I will, I will have a zippered ME project done by nightfall.... I hope.
You ladies who add your 'tuppenceworth', as 'they' say, are just the very best helpers in the world. Do you know just how encouraging your comments are to people like me who can't actually visualise the operation before beginning a project????

Even the smallest comment can be the very one that will spur me on to try out new things. You mightn't think it's much, you might even doubt the time it took to type the message was worth it, but, believe me, I am just as grateful (maybe even more so since I wasn't the one brave enough to ask the question) as tilde01 that you did put in your little bit of info.

Again..... thank you to all for freeing me of my demons that have plagued me for.....(ever???) about putting in zips in ME designs and projects.

PS.... little promise.... Dear HVDII, My Friend, I promise I will try hard not hurt you.......

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tilde01 by tilde01 23 Mar 2012

glad my question, spurred you to try.

by spendlove Moderator 22 Mar 2012

1.The zip should be the right way up on the stabiliser.
2. You must open it half way before addingthe final layer.
3. In my designs, when you look at the back of the design, you will be able to pick out the line of stitching that you used the place the zip. If you snip the stitching at each end, you can use this as a kind of quick release pull strip to remove the stabiliser.
4. If necessary curl the finished article around your hand to that you can feel the zip pull. Slide the fabric which is between you and it so that it is loose. Then you can hold the pull to open it all the way.
Hope that helpd (and makes sense!)

by pennifold 22 Mar 2012

I always cut the stabiliser that is under the zip. You don't need it anyway. Always make sure that you open the zip before placing the last piece of fabric on and that way you will have no trouble with realignment. Love and blessings Chris

by tilde01 21 Mar 2012

My problem is that I can't open the zipper at all because of the stabilizer. What do you do to get it open and not tear the stabilizer?

bevinoz by bevinoz 21 Mar 2012

I think the zipper should be right side up when you place it on the stabiliser so that you have access to the pull tab, not with the pull tab against the stabiliser. I could be talking through my hat as I haven't tried one yet. Bev.

tilde01 by tilde01 22 Mar 2012

The zipper pull is right side up. There is no room between the zipper and the stabilizer and I feel like I need to use plyers to pull it open. That just doesn't seem correct.

muflotex by muflotex 22 Mar 2012

try to take the hoop out of the machine lie flat and secure with one hand near the zip, open the zipper halfway and put hoop back in - workes for me

spendlove by spendlove 23 Mar 2012

I did one by poking a seam ripper carefully through the stabiliser.

tilde01 by tilde01 23 Mar 2012

suedewsbury, I'll try this. I really really like your different ITH purses.

bevintex by bevintex 24 Mar 2012

thats what I do, cut the middle of the stabilizer then put it back on machine and continue.

by darmoola 21 Mar 2012

I'm afarid of the zipper...don't want to damage my machine..

bevintex by bevintex 21 Mar 2012

Most zipper projects have step by step directions with pictures! I know embroidery garden and purple hat do.

parkermom by parkermom 21 Mar 2012

Five star fonts has great directions too. So does moosebstitchin.

by mi30kaja 21 Mar 2012

Did you open the Zip to at least half way before you attached the last piece?

parkermom by parkermom 21 Mar 2012

That's what all the directions say to do in all the zippered projects I have. It's worked great for me. I have the hardest time getting a the "jibbles " of tear-away out of the pocket.

rsehorse by rsehorse 21 Mar 2012

"jibbles" I like that term, it's a new one for me. But I agree those "jibbles" are a pain. :) Susan

tilde01 by tilde01 21 Mar 2012

Because of the stabilizer, it won't let me open the zipper without tearing the stabilizer, then I don't have good registration to put on the final piece for the last color.

spendlove by spendlove 22 Mar 2012

Don't try to remove the stabiliser over the zip until all the back is stitched on - then nothing will move!