by joann7657 21 Mar 2012

I have another question...DO YOU CONSIDER YOUR SELF A HOARDER?

I never thought of it that way until one day I was watching the hoarders on TV. I thought oh my, I am always picking up little pieces of fabric and sewing things saying I am going to throw them out, but I think...hum, I can use this for something. So It does not get thrown away it just collects.
Just a thought, is that hoarding?


by berny 22 Mar 2012

Do I need an disposal teem no I might need it

by juanitadenney 22 Mar 2012

Yes I am a hoarder or fabric but that is the only thing I hoard. I have a lot of embroidery thread and embroidery designs but I don't hoard them. If I like a fabric that I see I will buy all that is on the bolt and then try to think of a use for it so yes that is a fab-ra-halic as I like to call myself. Juanita

by eteaff 21 Mar 2012

Well after reading that link I know I am not a hoarder. I would be very easy to go there though. Growing up my father never let us keep anything that meant any thing to us and I can see why someone would hoard things. My heart goes out to anyone in that place. Hugs & Stitches, Liz

by leenova54 21 Mar 2012

Any time I start to feel like that I watch an episode of Hoarders and then I don't feel so bad, lol!

by drro 21 Mar 2012

Sorry, I always for get to click on add link!

bevintex by bevintex 21 Mar 2012

that was a very interesting read.

eteaff by eteaff 21 Mar 2012

That was extremly interesting. Thanx!

drro by drro 21 Mar 2012

URwelcome. I discovered that the problem actually had a name while researching it a few years ago.

joann7657 by joann7657 22 Mar 2012

wow, interesting.

by drro 21 Mar 2012

While many of us may be a cute "hoarder"--like many of us confessing to being cute collectors and keepers of sewing items and gadgets, you are not probably suffering from acute hoarding...or...Collyers Syndrome. Read this post on this problem of holding on to things until it kills you! Really SAD!

by bevintex 21 Mar 2012

Those hoarders on tv save junk and lots of it. Old newspapers,boxes,broken stuff,old food etc,etc,etc and even trash. I think if there is a use for it it is not really hoarding. Then the bugs,rats and roaches move in and Yuck. That is what I would call a hoarder with a problem.

by kitty2011 21 Mar 2012

Lets see now... I guess you could call me a hoarder., but an organised, tidy one. I think most sewers are, mainly because we can see the value of little bits & pieces. It is contained to my sewing room though. I don't hoard other stuff.

by tracypullen 21 Mar 2012

Some what, but we are justified. My Granny always said that if you keep something 7 years, it will come in handy. I have to live by the Lucy Ball rule. She hid stuff from Ricky and then told him "Oh No! That's Not New. I've had it months. DH has me on a Something in, Something out rule so sometimes I have to fudge a bit. LOL

by rsehorse 21 Mar 2012

No definately not. I have alot of stuff, but I am willing to get rid of some stuff. I don't like to be crowded. I need my space.

by mi30kaja 21 Mar 2012

Yes, but up to a point.

by zedna 21 Mar 2012

No I am definitely not a hoarder. I am a very good collector though!

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 22 Mar 2012

Yeah, I like that term. Collector!

by caroldann 21 Mar 2012

No, I'm a collector of fabric, thread, and designs. Everything has it's place and everything in it's place. I can not stand clutter. Hugs..Carol

by mary51 21 Mar 2012

I was watching that show and the same question popped in my mind, I have a lot of fabric, not 10000 but still i think a lot. i love collecting fabrics, and everything craftty, Am I a hoarder? At least everything still is in the closets. LOL

by shirley124 21 Mar 2012

I think there is a difference between a collector and a hoarder, but not quite sure what it is thought LOL

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 22 Mar 2012

I like to have lots of choices I can use when I need them...

by susiesembroidery 21 Mar 2012

I am a hoarder/collector/keeper of goods/my own storage manager!!!!!!/ lol, whatever you wish to call me, yes I collect and hoard. What can I say?// I WILL one day need those things - I know????????(LOL)*****

by lflanders 21 Mar 2012

I guess I must be but I can walk through my home! Seems like to me, all through the years, everytime I throw away something that I think I will never use...I will need it as soon as it is gone! If if pretains to crafts, Yes, I am a hoarder! Everytime I loan my son something, I need it also! He will never return anything that I loan him!!! He took my expensive calculator back to Atlanta with him to do his taxes and everytime I have asked for it, he swears he bought it. I would give anything if I had kept the box it came in! He has had it so long that I really think that he thinks it is his! It is locked in his utility house/office and he is the only one with a key or I would have already picked it and brought it back home. As soon as he walked out with it, my old one started acting up and it just sits on the desk and stares back at me!!!! Of course the old one was not the good one! He has half of my cookware and my electric cookers and swears that they are his also. His wife would let me have them....but.. she acts like I am stealing them. He was not married when he moved out and took so much of my "stuff"! I am fighting a losing battle!

joann7657 by joann7657 21 Mar 2012

Yes, the kind of hoarding where you just hold on to things. I have things in their place and a place for everything, I just keep collecting stuff, hehe.
I know what you mean about lending your children thing and anyone else. They keep your things so long until they really believe the belong to them. My daughter will get my things and let someone else use it and you can really forget it then, because it has traveled all over the place and no one knows who it belongs to anymore.

bevgrift by bevgrift 21 Mar 2012

My kids run out of space or "tidy" their houses,So they give back things that I gave them.
This causes a problem for me, Who do I give the bookcase,table or kettle to?

by blueeyedblonde 21 Mar 2012

From the other comments, I guess I am one too!! Woah is me! But, on the other hand, the horders we see on TV are way over the top of hoarding! We are hoarders on a small scale as we use our supplies, but we add to our supplies long before we need to. Guilty!!!lol

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joann7657 by joann7657 21 Mar 2012

I used the TV program as an example. While I was watching them help people throw things out or put them in a give away pile it hit me how I try to throw away sewing things and always think I can use a small piece for a pocket or whatever. These people find a reason to keep most of their stuff.

by suelyn7 21 Mar 2012

at the moment I am having a loft conversion done at home and when we had to clear out a bedroom and the loft as it was it took forever and everything up there was my stuff . stuff I really thought I would need someday but had never looked at since the day I got it, so yes yes yes I am a hoarder and yet I am always telling my daughters to get rid of stuff. A case of do as I say not as I do lol

by sewdoctor 21 Mar 2012

Well,,,,,I have conservatively speaking,,,I have about 10,000 yards of fabric in my house...I must go through it and donate some to charities...I keep telling myself. I do shop at home first....but I can't resist when I see something I really want. Anything to do with sewing,,,,embroidery, knitting, crocheting, I am weak. Have been trying to do better though. So what do YOU think?

mjdg by mjdg 21 Mar 2012

I think you must have the prize for the most fabric! Yikes! 10,000 yards?

You could open your own piece goods store! LOL


joann7657 by joann7657 21 Mar 2012

WOW, sounds like we can shop at your place, lol.

by noah 21 Mar 2012

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm maybe ????hugs

by jnet 21 Mar 2012

I am not a hoarder I'm a collector, I never like to throw away anything I might can use. So I have various collections of stuff. A friend of mine always asks me for odd things and 9 times out of 10 I have it. So it's all good.:)

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joann7657 by joann7657 21 Mar 2012

I liKe that...COLLECTOR.

by bevgrift 21 Mar 2012

I saw that show too, and now I know what 'I am".
I do admire some who manage some lovely work and they don't have to hoard. They buy as they need.
I just have a lot to catch up, cos I "need" all these supplies..LOL..

by mjdg 21 Mar 2012

There are messy hoarders and organized hoarders.

I could not live like the hoarders you see on that program..... I do have a lot of supplies but they are all contained and not laying all over the place........ if that is hoarding..... then I am one! LOL


by bokkieborduur 21 Mar 2012

I think that might be what we can call it. Yes I am one. Hugs Marie