by pennifold 18 Mar 2012

No. 2 quilt for Uganda made by Di Williams, great for a lover of trains. Love Chris


by shirlener88 27 Mar 2012

Super job.

by gerryvb 20 Mar 2012

beautiful and colorful!

by lflanders 20 Mar 2012

I think I am partial to this one! I guess that is because I have only one child and he would have loved this as a child(young person)!! It would please any Male child to have something like this no matter what the situation! These children and their families have so little, I can even begin to comprehend just how much pleasure all of everyone's efforts will bring to these people. May God and His disciples continue to bring some happiness into the lives of all people who are so needy all over the world. This and so many other projects all over the world amaze me about the generosity of so many. Our took on Haiti as a major project and it continues even as of now. We are still sending groups from our church over there. They had no clean sanitized water when our 1st group went there and now they have safe wells to last for many yrs to come. The water was our main issue but with each group that goes and spends time there bring new hope and many new surprises! There are so many people all over the world that have so little. Gifts from the heart mean so much to so many and gives them hope and love that some have never had! Thanks so much to all that help in different ways!

by de105 19 Mar 2012

Stunning colors! Nice designs.

by dilceia 19 Mar 2012

Congratulations Chris! The quilt was very beautiful!
Congratulations to all the solidarity, God bless you.
A hug with love, and flowers for all.

by nannynorfolk 19 Mar 2012

WOW :)

by airyfairy 19 Mar 2012

This will please some little boy. Hugs Sarah.

by drro 18 Mar 2012


by sandralochran 18 Mar 2012

Wonderful quilt

by capoodle 18 Mar 2012

She has a great eye for colors. Beautiful quilt.

by zoefzoef 18 Mar 2012

love the border (stripes) nice effect

by oaro 18 Mar 2012

I do love this one lovely colors

by carolyn70 18 Mar 2012

Very nice. Love stripes!!!!

by noah 18 Mar 2012

Awesome:):)love it hugs carolyn

by bumblebee 18 Mar 2012

She sure makes wonderfully colorful quilts. She has a great heart. Give her lots of hugs.

by michemb 18 Mar 2012

wow, wow, wow

by mysew1325 18 Mar 2012

very nice..

by devon 18 Mar 2012

great job

by teun 18 Mar 2012

Du machst wunderschöne decken tolle farben

by shirley124 18 Mar 2012

Nice and bright to cheer a small soul

by cfidl 18 Mar 2012

I usually do not like stipes! This however is fabulous!

by hightechgrammy 18 Mar 2012

Isn't this sweet?!?! This is really going to broaden some little someone's horizons! I wonder if they have ever seen a train! Sooooo colorful, so beautiful! Wow!

by aussiequilter 18 Mar 2012

fantastc boys quilt

by basketkase 18 Mar 2012

Love the pretty