by arsenio 17 Mar 2012


Someone is selling her Plaff 7570, along with her embroidery unit and PC Designer and embroidery cards or floppies. She is asking for Indian Rs 80,000/ that is USD 1600/- . The is machine of 2000year modle and it is 12 years, she says she had hardly used. Can you please suggest what should be the price? You can tell in USD.
Thank you. God bless. Bernadette de Souza.


by crafter2243 Moderator 17 Mar 2012

I checked e-bay and others and the price ranges from
$800 to $2000. The reviews on the machine are good. Keep in mind like Bev said if you can get parts if something goes wrong.

by bevintex 17 Mar 2012

If it is 12 years old can you still get parts if it needs repair? I would keep looking before making a final decision. Sorry but i know nothing on the price. Good luck in your decision making
Bev in Texas