by lawmedassistant 14 Mar 2012

This is my ITH Owl Purse, made it for my daughter and hoping she will place an order to get one for all her employees. :) Thanks Sue, you are an amazing woman and so very generous.


by devon 14 Mar 2012

great job

by annyn 14 Mar 2012

Very nice.

by capoodle 14 Mar 2012

Very cute.

by oaro 14 Mar 2012

great job

by pldc 14 Mar 2012

this is a big hit! I'm sure you will getlots of orders! Heres wishing just for you!

by spendlove Moderator 14 Mar 2012

Even the colour of the zip is perfect!

by bumblebee 14 Mar 2012

Perhaps you should ask the designer if it is okay to sell her designs for profit. Most designers have
their own rules plus this site has a copyright rule
that applies to all designs.

spendlove by spendlove 14 Mar 2012

I think she plans to make the owls to sell which is fine!

lawmedassistant by lawmedassistant 14 Mar 2012

Thank you Sue. I have a non profit horse rescue and even though I would love to get someone wanting to buy 1 or some, I have had no such luck with anything. I have quilted blankets, pillows, key chains, etc., etc., you name it I have probably done it. And this, sad to say will probably be like all the rest - nothing. Sorry, I know you didn't ask for any of that, just so frustrated and starting to really get depressed about making money for the rescue. Last year alone my husband turned over well over $5,000 for the horses, just want to start making it on my own.

by noah 14 Mar 2012

yes that would be a good idea right ??hugs carolyn