by stillbehind 13 Mar 2012

Can someone tell me what "6cm" translates to in mm or inches? Sue Dewsbury recommends adding 6cm to the bottom of the hand puppets. I have left them longer but don't know how much longer to make them. Thank you.

Ellen in Las Vegas


by lique 14 Mar 2012

I have the website which link is given by jofrog on my favourite toolbar that coverts inches in cm and cm into inches. I use it very often and it is so easy to have it there!

by killiecrankie 14 Mar 2012

6mm = 1/4 " quarter inch

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mops by mops 14 Mar 2012

6 cm = 60 mm =. 2.4 in.

by mariahail 13 Mar 2012

one inch is 2.5 cm***
25 mm = inch

by zedna 13 Mar 2012

Most tape measures have inches on one side and metric on the other, at least my 10 or so do... This might help in future.

by parkermom 13 Mar 2012

I see you already have your answer, but thanks for asking it! It was one question on this site that I could answer!

by fannyfurkin 13 Mar 2012

I see you have your answer but for future reference there are close to 2.5 cm in an inch.

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stillbehind by stillbehind 13 Mar 2012

Thank you everyone. I have left the puppets plenty long, so I can now trim them up.
Thanks again.
Ellen in Las Vegas

by sewmom 13 Mar 2012

About 2 1/2 inches. I haven't looked at the pattern/design. Would that make sense to be that length?

by irenewayne 13 Mar 2012

6cms is just under 2 1/2 inches. Hope this helps.

by jofrog2000 13 Mar 2012

1cm=10mm 6cm=60mm, or 2,4 inches.