by hefoltis 13 May 2008

This is a picture of one of the towels I made for my grandson and his bride. I make one of these for any of my family or friends that get married. I fold them and put them in a small box with a see through lid. That way they can display them without getting them soiled. I have had quite a few request for these from people looking for shower gifts. Helene


by grammalou 14 May 2008

Beautiful, great job.

by iris2006 14 May 2008

Wonderful idea, I go and make one for an aunt and uncle that will celebrate their 60th weddinganiversery the first of june. Thanks for sharing

by sueffb1 14 May 2008

This a wonderful wedding gift. It is such a beautiful keepsake and a unique gift. *4U sue

by bkd147 13 May 2008

Very Good have a wedding comming up will do the same if you don't mind.

by meganne 13 May 2008

A lovely idea and a beautiful design. hugs n roses, M

by shirlener88 13 May 2008

Helen, very nice gift and to be treasured. *4U

by relaxsew 13 May 2008

That is so special! I bet everyone that you give out is very much appreciated! Where is your design from?

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hefoltis by hefoltis 16 May 2008

I got the design from AnnTheGran.comFree Designs/Wedding it was submitted by Ingrid Fernandez.  There are other designs but I thought this one was the nicest looking one for the towel.

by anna25775 13 May 2008

very beautiful Helene. I'm sure such gifts are very appreciated. flower for you

by mops Moderator 13 May 2008

Lovely wedding gift.

by gerryvb 13 May 2008

lovely wedding gift!do you know where the design came from?

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hefoltis by hefoltis 16 May 2008

At in her free designs listed under Wedding.

by sqdancer 13 May 2008

What a wonderfull idea and such a lovely keepsake...great job hefoltis...*4U

by clawton 13 May 2008

Very nice gift.

by pafhen 13 May 2008

Oh such a unique gift that will be treasuerd *****'s

by elenu 13 May 2008

What a gorgeous idea Hefoltis.

by lbrow 13 May 2008

Hefoltis these r truly beautiful & so thoughtful putting n a windowed box, but where do U find the boxes. I know they treasure them *4U

anna25775 by anna25775 13 May 2008

lbrow such boxes are usually available in papercraft shops. I know of ones that come flat and one just has to fold them and attach the plastic window that comes with the box.*4u

hefoltis by hefoltis 16 May 2008

I get my boxes from a company called ULINE. They are
7 3/8"x5 3/8"x1". They are listed as Display Greeting Cards-- Model No. 7282. The price right now is $42. for 50 of them. The ones I make up to sell I add a dollar to the cost of the finished towel. I put the design on small fingertip towels as they fold up and fit in the box nicely. I check through my various catalogs like Broder Brothers, TSF or ACC to find the best buy.