by bumblebee 12 Mar 2012


I'm so excited to be almost done with 3rd quilt for Uganda and my extras for girls and boys. Had a lot fun making those clippies with yoyo's and buttons.
I posted a few pics in projects in case you would like to see.

Linda aka Bumblebee
like to see


by airyfairy 13 Mar 2012

I have also just been into projects to have a look. So many things you have made. They look so colourful. Sarah.

by drro 13 Mar 2012

I just saw what great work you did! You are a SUPER SEWER!!! Great work and God Bless!!

by hightechgrammy 12 Mar 2012

Oh thank you, Linda!!! I'll go to projects to see! I didn't get to sew even one stitch today - see personals. I didn't get to take any photos either - see personals. See you in projects.......

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bumblebee by bumblebee 12 Mar 2012