by mommajo 11 Mar 2012

I said I am hooked on tea lights.I purchased from Embroidery Garden (love her stuff) the Christmas set, then the Valentines set and now the Easter set. So now when I see things like Lee's sucker holder I think Hmmmm. I add the leafs.(Thank you Lee;Smithandsmith) My house is a mess but I am having fun.


by teun 12 Mar 2012

sieht seht schön aus

by tippi 12 Mar 2012

Very nice

by capoodle 12 Mar 2012

These are pretty and perfect for spring/summer.

by bevintex 11 Mar 2012

here is a pretty poinsettia with mylar for tea lights

by eteaff 11 Mar 2012

Very nice. My house is always a mess. Well the sewing room anyway. LOL

by dino 11 Mar 2012

What a great idea. Thanks.

by sigrun 11 Mar 2012

Where are those leafs???

mommajo by mommajo 11 Mar 2012

trade you my leafs for your angle back,lol

mommajo by mommajo 11 Mar 2012

the is angel ( where is spell check when you need it)

sigrun by sigrun 12 Mar 2012

Please, can you put up the link to these leafs which you have in the front of the photo - did you use felt to these tea lights?

mommajo by mommajo 12 Mar 2012

I don't know how to down load designs and if you saw them up close you would laugh. just ruffly made them. Yes it is felt. No stabilizer. So quick and easy. Need to be taught to download designs.

by sigrun 11 Mar 2012

So very great idea - have to steel this idea lol :-))

by bumblebee 11 Mar 2012

What a great idea! I wonder if we have poinsettias out there that we could do this for a christmas table. It would be lovely!

by quail 11 Mar 2012

Great idea. They are very pretty.

by rsehorse 11 Mar 2012

Very good idea. Love the bunny. It's really cute.

by pldc 11 Mar 2012

good for you

by oaro 11 Mar 2012

great idea

by devon 11 Mar 2012

very pretty, love the idea

by noah 11 Mar 2012

Wowwwwwwwwww excellent job hugs