by free3wil 10 Mar 2012

I am making my kitchen curtains and intend to put cups, teapots and coffee pots on them. Wow, all of a sudden everywhere I look on cuties, I see a new pot or cup. Thanks to all you wonderful imiginitive digitizers who give so freely....I truly do appreciate you and your great designs, my problem now is to decide how many I want (I want them all!)and which ones (I want them all). Can hardly wait to get to work. Intend to embroider all colors and shapes, etc. Again, thanks so much for sharing your wonderful talent with those of us who cannot digitize. YOU ARE THE BEST!


by zoefzoef 10 Mar 2012

please put a picture in the project tab after you have decided what to sew and how many. Would like to see how it turned out

by basketkase 10 Mar 2012

How fun.......we would love to see your curtains when you are done with them!! Vicki