by kathyjt 08 Mar 2012

When you extract a zip file and it come up and says: Error: The file is a decompression bomb 42110) Does anyone know what that means? Is it a virus?


by kathyjt 08 Mar 2012

It in the new monkey alpha, from
It is not a virus, it is just a very large file. The best that I understand. I extracted it and it was ok.

by cfidl 08 Mar 2012

So can you tell us where - especially if it is one of our regular downloads?

by babie 08 Mar 2012

I'm not a pc expert but understood it is a warning from your antivirus that the zip file is small and will extract to a huge file which might result in using up all your memory or it even might be a virus. If you google it you will see some comments on it and everybody seems to rather advise to delete and ignore it. Might be wrong in my understanding and would like to see more comments from the computer boffins on the site.

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kathyjt by kathyjt 08 Mar 2012

thank you.