by bevgrift 08 Mar 2012

Hi Cuties,

How does one stack,pack,store and protect the many Sewing machines that you have.

Mine are too many after number 3. I am looking for some nifty shelves or storage racks.
Would love some ideas.
Hugs Bev


by ramona 08 Mar 2012

Store them??? Use them!!! I have three machines that set out all the time. Embroidery, sewing and serger.

by laffma1 08 Mar 2012

I'm sad to say that I don't have this problem. I only have one sewing machine that has to do double-duty as embroidery machine also. Wish I could afford another so I could be more time efficient. Being able to sew on one while embroidering on another would be such a dream. Maybe someday, but not anytime soon....

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bevgrift by bevgrift 08 Mar 2012

You are so lucky!
I wish I was back then, with one. I am sure I got much more done. Even with 5 kids.
This embroidery is complicating things LOL..

by wp1012 08 Mar 2012

The embroidery machine stays out which I made a cover for it. The serger stays in the sewing cabinet. And the sewing machine I put it in a soft cover carrying case. Which is next to the sewing cabinet. And when I want to use it I use the top of that cabiet to sew on. I know you will come up with your own ideas. Good luck.

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bevgrift by bevgrift 08 Mar 2012

My plans and ideas are getting squashed. And the quilting requires more table top space. Cutting, spreading out batting and so I find I am crowding myself into a mess and chaos...

by juanitadenney 08 Mar 2012

I have the same problem and I have the answer (build a bigger sewing room). Just one problem with that, where do I get the money so I'll be anxious to read any ideas you get from this.

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bevgrift by bevgrift 08 Mar 2012

I am already expanding/invading into the whole living area . I have Knitting machines also. and they come with alot of extras and yarn etc.....