by nualaa 07 Mar 2012

This is the second sibling quilt for children who have cancer or beaten cancer. It is made with designs of shoes, faces, eyes etc by Katulle and other digitizers.

Thank you a Katulle and all the other womderfull digitizers that give freely of their work.


by sewdeb 09 Mar 2012

Let's see if this link will work - scroll all the way to the bottom.

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nualaa by nualaa 09 Mar 2012

sewdeb for putting in the link. This was a fun quilt to make.

by sewdeb 09 Mar 2012

WOW! I just love this quilt! Those alternate blocks are terrific! And all the time spent on quilting, not to mention embroidering each fabulous square! BRAVO! Whoever gets this quilt will be receiving a treasure! *'s for all, Deb

by teun 08 Mar 2012

Sieht fantastisch aus

by nualaa 08 Mar 2012

Thank you all for your lovely encouragement.

by sewdoctor 08 Mar 2012

I love is beautiful!

by bonnetgirl 08 Mar 2012

This is so lovely. Great job.
Hugs Joann

by cfidl 08 Mar 2012

It is wonderful! Thanks for sharing! Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by edithfarminer 08 Mar 2012

Waaaauw, it is just BEAUTIFUL.

by de105 08 Mar 2012

This is a beautiful quilt different and very nice color and designs. Thank you for posting the link it's a new one to visit.

by sjbrower 08 Mar 2012

Simply beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us.

by capoodle 07 Mar 2012

Your layout of the blocks is refreshing and this one looks like it would be perfect for a older girl.

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nualaa by nualaa 08 Mar 2012

The girl that got this one is about 18. I have not met the young lady but I am sure she loved it. Some times we do not get to meet the children or their families, but we have been told it means so much to them that strangers care enough to do this for them. Siblings often feel left out when a sibling is ill and we hope that this helps just a little bit.

by oaro 07 Mar 2012

beautiful work

by basketkase 07 Mar 2012

This is just beautiful.......what a wonderful gift for the children....blessing to you for doing this!

by rsehorse 07 Mar 2012

I like the way you used the flying geese. I have not seen this pattern before. Very nice.

by justonlyme 07 Mar 2012

The triangles are an awesome addition to your quilt. Did you use prairie points or flying geese for those triangles? I love your layout!! It is elegant in its simplicity!! The embroidery is pretty nifty too. Great choice of colors and designs!!

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nualaa by nualaa 08 Mar 2012

Thank you. The triangle are flying geese with little filler blocks on each side. I have posted the link for the pattern on this page. I was doing the embroidery for the blocks and had no idea how I was going to make the quilt till I saw this pattern and the rest is history.

by cj2sew 07 Mar 2012

This is a beautiful design as well as embroidery.
I have a question- between each picture - is that a set of three flying geese??? I love that you used just two colors with the white. It really is a striking quilt. I looked closer at the quilting - really nice job too.

nualaa by nualaa 07 Mar 2012

Thank you for the lovely comments.
Here is the link to the pattern. It is a the very bottom of the page. I spent 3full days quilting it using decorative stitches from my sewing machine.

nualaa by nualaa 07 Mar 2012

Forgot to mention it is a free pattern.

tacomama01 by tacomama01 09 Mar 2012

I tried to find the pattern for the quilt and could not find it. Do you know if thre is a way to get it? I would love to have it.

by rosemarie2 07 Mar 2012

I love it!!

by emanuille 07 Mar 2012

wow!great job

by pldc 07 Mar 2012

ah that's very pretty well done

by mysew1325 07 Mar 2012

great job..

by shilly 07 Mar 2012

Great layout;with all those pics they'll certainly have their mind elsewhere than their troubles...

by annyn 07 Mar 2012

Beautiful quilt. Nice colors.

by shuede 07 Mar 2012

This is so nice. Would you mind posting another picture that shows some of the designs a little clearer. Well done!!

by vickiannette 07 Mar 2012

you have made a really lovely job and for a fabulous cause.

by noah 07 Mar 2012

Wow this one stands out very clear hugs and well done carolyn

by toogie 07 Mar 2012

Quilted and emb beautifully!-Toogie

by devon 07 Mar 2012

very nice work

by bumblebee 07 Mar 2012

Nice job on your quilt

by aussiequilter 07 Mar 2012

what a great quilt,I'm sure it will be loved.