by roberta 06 Mar 2012

ok ladies has anyone heard from anybody from Misty Mountain Embroidery? I ordered my designs on Jan. 29 and my order is still pending according to my account. I know she had surgery but no one has bothered to contact me about my getting my designs. Kinda leaves a bad taste in your mouth about a company for we are the ones who keep them in business.Guess I have to chalk this up as a bad experience and never order from her again. The decent thing to do is to let the person know something. Anything. A person is more apt to work with anyone when they are told something. I so far have been told nothing. She may be a nice lady I don't doubt that, but it is only respect to let a person know about designs ordered from her company. Someone could contact them if the owner couldn't. Forgive me if I seem a little impatient but I feel I should have been told something. Roberta


by dragonflyer 07 Mar 2012

Just a suggestion, but Suzi has only been out of the hospital for about a week...why don't you try sending her a note through the "Contact Us" area of her website and explain to her that you have been waiting patiently for your designs and ask her if she can put you on a priority to get them sent. I know it must be very frustrating for you...It may help to contact her now that she is home. She has just started posting to her website again, so I believe she will be monitoring her contact requests.
Fingers crossed for you...

by mooie24 07 Mar 2012

Hi Roberta so sorry to hear your having problems
here. I have read in the yahoo group that she is recovering at the moment.. I truly do understand your frustrations but I can promise she is a very repectable lady, a similer incident also happened recently with Marina at gorgeous Stitches.. no malice is intended.. and I know your patience will be greatly appreciated :-)
Big hugs from London
Maria xx

by lflanders 07 Mar 2012

The last time she had surgery several years, she almost did not make it. It was a very long haul for her. I have heard nothing about this but what you have said and the comments you got from other Cuties. Susan is a very gracious and honest person. I wish I could help you but I lost touch with her some time ago. I am positive that if you have a problem, she will fix it as soon as she can. Please try not to be too harsh with your feelings about what has happened. As soon as we all find out what has happened and how long it will be before she will be able to go back to work, I will try to contact her again. We kept in touch after she got back to work, went to Florida for an extended visit with her children to recoop and somewhere between there and her move from one state to another after she got back home from Fl. we lost touch. I need to see if I can find another site she opened during that time that had nothing to do with embroidery. She may have something on that site about her condition. I am not sure if I have it book marked but check as soon as I get a chance. My computer crashed a couple of yrs ago and I lost most of what a had on it. I am sure that when she gets back to work that we will all know and she can be contacted by some of us also. Please say prayers that she will be alright and back able to continue what she loves to do very soon. She would never have forgotten or ignored your request if she was able to work. Those of us that have done business with her over the yrs know that under normal circumstances, she would have taken care of the problem promptly! I do hope it was not alot of money that you paid for the designs but unless something really bad happens, she will take of you as soon as she can! Hugs, Linda

by jofrog2000 07 Mar 2012

Unless the digitizer belongs to a group selling site, like OPW, they are the only one working their business. If she had Emergency surgery, I would have some patience with the whole thing since that's something she was not planning for. There is probably no one else with access to her site. If you want her things badly enough-and they are very nice, have some myself-you'll wait a bit longer.

by edithfarminer 07 Mar 2012

All I can say is that she is starting to work again and allowed to make some designs.Have you e-mailed her and asked? because she has been very poorly I believe and might not be able to think straight yet.
a gentle reminder is probably all that is needed. Wishing you luck

by loish 06 Mar 2012

Susan, the owner was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery and has just gotten out in the last few days. She runs the site by herself, I think. She has had a couple of friends posting in her Yahoo group but my impression is that they have no access to her designs or the business side of things. If you are a member of her Yahoo group, you can read more details. Earlier they said that it would be at lest six weeks before she could work again, but she has posted a new quilt block design,so I hope that means she is recovering faster than expected. I am sure that she will work through the backlog as fast as she possibly can, so I hope you will get your order very soon. Love, Lois

by crafter2243 Moderator 06 Mar 2012

I assume you have tried to contact them. If no response I would contact the credit company or method that you paid with and ask them to reverse the charges.

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 06 Mar 2012

I have ordered from them before and it is still in my account to be able to download even though I already had. If you can't get a hold of them PM me and I will send you an e-mail address how you can contact the owner. Have your payment info available for them.