by phi4 05 Mar 2012

how can you get design on tinkerbell?. By the way who answers these questions?.


by crafter2243 Moderator 02 Aug 2012

This is a legal site for Disney Characters> I know this is a post from March but maybe you still would like it.

by roberta 02 Aug 2012

You can get several Tinkerbell designs on the Turquoise site. I have and they stitch out great. If they were worried about a copyright they wouldn't be able to let people download them for free. It may take you a few pages but worth the time looking. Roberta

by edithfarminer 02 Aug 2012

Cuties are just embroiderers from all over the world and if I know something to help I will as so many others are doing the same as we all had to start and boy do I remeber as I struggled for a long time without help as I was learning how to use a computer too lol

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edithfarminer by edithfarminer 02 Aug 2012

If I remember well I believe Turqoise has something like a tinkerbell. You will ahve to look for it, but will find many other nice designs you might like to download http://turquoise210broderiemachin...
Also embroidery Russia might have something

by shirlener88 02 Aug 2012

here is another of your questions phi4.

by pldc 05 Mar 2012

Cuties answer these questions & I think tinkerbell is a copyright design that comes on a brother sewing machine

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pldc by pldc 05 Mar 2012

welcome by the way to the cute family!

by susiesembroidery 05 Mar 2012

Don't know where to get a tinkerbell, would like one myself. Anyone of us cuties can answer your request, even when we don't know the answer. Wellcome to our sweet club.***

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phi4 by phi4 05 Mar 2012

thank you for the answer.

by asterixsew Moderator 05 Mar 2012

Cant answer the question but anyone who wants to can reply